Dr. Liz Sterner and Alexandra Robey conduct chemistry research
On-the-Job Career Preparation

LVC’s high job placement isn’t an accident, and it’s not just our curriculum (though it’s that, too). Most students at LVC hold internships during their time here, helping them develop on-the-job skills, make industry connections, and gain insight into what professions they want to pursue. The best part? Most of these internships lead directly to post-graduation job offers!

Because we believe in the importance of internships for your outcomes, we offer multiple programs to help make it a reality. Spend a semester in Massachusetts with our Let’s Go! Boston Semester Internship program, intern in one of the college’s departments, or find opportunities through your professors.

We also offer some internship grants and can help you find outside funding to cover living costs.

Trevor Holak, human resources summer intern at Pennrose in Philadelphia

Internship Grants

Thaddeus Project

Named after a congressman and abolitionist, the Thaddeus Project provides funding for humanities and social sciences students. If you hold an unpaid internship, the grant offers compensation to help with your living and traveling expenses.

Siegel Fund

The Irwin H. “Irv” Siegel, J.D. LLM ’75 Internship Fund provides funding in support of internship opportunities for Lebanon Valley College students on an annual basis.

How to Apply

Students can learn more about these grants and how to apply on the Breen Center’s internal website.

The Breen Center

The Breen Center for Career and Professional Development is one of your best resources in your internship (and career) quest—through the Center’s services, you can find internships (via Handshake), get help with your résumé, learn interview tips, and prepare to become a successful professional.