Safety & Property Insurance

Residence Hall Security

For safety purposes, campus safety personnel regularly patrol campus grounds. Campus safety personnel will normally not enter residence halls, except upon request of a student or resident hall staff. However, college officials may authorize campus safety personnel to make regular visits to residence halls where chronic behavioral problems occur.

Proper security within the residence halls is the responsibility of each resident. All residents are encouraged to lock their doors when not in their rooms and also at night. All residence hall keys open specified doors of the student’s residence hall. After midnight, a non-resident of a residence hall must be escorted by a resident of that hall from the entrance door to a room or lounge and from that area to the exit door. Exterior doors to residence halls should never be propped open.

Property Insurance

Since the College is not responsible for students’ personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged, we suggest that you review your homeowners’ insurance policy to confirm whether your son/daughter’s personal property is covered and, if necessary, to make arrangements for additional insurance coverage. Students’ property is the responsibility of each individual student and no reimbursement from the College can be expected for loss of such property.

A few things to consider when reviewing your policy:

  • Does the policy cover damage from fires or floods?
  • Does the policy cover computers, stereos, or other electronic equipment?
  • Does the policy cover the replacement cost or the actual value of the property? Electronics such as computers, televisions, cameras, etc., can depreciate significantly over time.