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5050 Peer Helpers

The 5050 Peer Helpers for 2018-19 are students Trevor Holak '20, Lisa Orlando '21, Ben Hoffman '20, and Bailey Harper '22. They are available by phone at 717-868-5050, email at, or walk-in appointments in Counseling Services, 2nd floor Shroyer Health Center. Students utilize one-on-one meetings privately with Peer Helpers to discuss such issues as long-distance relationships, academic concerns, and social anxiety. 5050 also run weekend social supportive groups called “O.A.S.I.S.” and “60 Minutes". They have completed Title IX Training for reporting sexual assault; as such are mandated reporters. They have also completed BraveZone training and are sensitive to the needs of LGBTQ students.

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Stepping Stones

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O.A.S.I.S. (Overcoming Adverse Situations in School) is a social, supportive group that is facilitated each Saturday from 6-7 p.m. by the 5050 Peer Helpers. They cover topics such as building relationships, coping with stress, reading social cues, and speaking up. The group encourages any student to come that has difficulty connecting with others in the classroom or in their social life. The group encourages students to join at any point in the semester.


60 Minutes

60 Minutes is a supportive social group facilitated on an ad hoc basis throughout the semester by 5050 Peer Helpers. Students who like to be involved in news-worthy discussions about local, national, or international issues can be a part of the group. Come join the lively conversation about current events that matter at any point during the semester.


Educational Outreach

Peer Helpers are available to provide educational programming to various student groups including RA’s, Greeks, and Athletes by calling 717-868-5050 or email ( to schedule. They are available to present on Alcohol and Drug Education, Sexual Assault Prevention, and Suicide Prevention. 5050 Peer Helpers attend most Counseling Services outreach Events such as DeStress Breaks and Mental Health Screenings.