The Importance of Joining Clubs

women's tennis team with conference championship banner

I never really considered myself a “joiner,” and I’m still protective of my free time, but interacting with clubs and campus groups at Lebanon Valley College has definitely improved my college experience.

When I arrived at LVC as a transfer student for my sophomore year, I wanted to get out and socialize in a way I hadn’t at my previous college. I started with athletics, which gave me a great team and the opportunity to spend hours practicing and playing the sport I love.

But in between tennis seasons, my life got quiet again. One of my friends in the English Department introduced me to the weekly writers’ group, and I swallowed my fear and attended a meeting. I had so much fun at that first meeting I became a regular member, and even when my tennis season resumed, I’d hustle back from practice and bring my dinner along so I could attend and spend an evening writing with everyone. The group members ended up becoming some of my best college friends, and one even ended up being my roommate.

While I’m still not a person who wants to stretch myself too thin, my friends all know I’ll help with or come to their events if they ask. I’ve attended sorority events to support one of my roommates, participated in a night of service with Freedom Rings, watched my friends’ concerts and performances, and occasionally written a review for our Green Blotter literary magazine when I’m asked.

To say that getting involved on campus improved my college career is an understatement. I’ve met many wonderful people and had so much fun as a result of putting myself out there. I genuinely don’t think there’s any other way that I’d be enjoying my last year of college this much if I hadn’t gotten involved in campus life the way I have.


— Abbie Hoffer ’23, is a creative writing and English major and member of LVC women’s tennis team.