Blazing the Way for Women in Athletic Training

Tasia Dennis on field

Tasia Dennis ’19, M’21, spent her early years in high school playing field hockey, where she quickly developed a curiosity about athletic healthcare, specifically for the emergency aspect of on-field care. Her interest led her to LVC, where the College’s Athletic Training Program was launching.

“I met with Dr. [Joe] Murphy, who was very enthusiastic about starting the program,” recalled Dennis. “His enthusiasm spread to me, which led to my decision to enroll in the budding program.”

While at LVC, Dennis was active in all areas of athletics. While continuing her field hockey career as a student-athlete, Dennis completed several clinical experiences at Annville-Cleona High School, Lebanon High School, Perkiomen High School, and the Lancaster General Health Sports Medicine Clinic. She also worked with the Houston SaberCats in Major League Rugby and LVC student-athletes during the winter and spring sports seasons.

“The clinical education coordinator placed me in environments where I was able to adapt my skills and thrive in interpersonal connection and confidence,” said Dennis. “The experiences nurtured my skills into what they are today, which has helped me succeed in my current position.”

Dennis is an athletic trainer for Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. She spends her mornings at her contracted school performing treatments and afternoons covering practices and games. In addition, Dennis has continued assisting the SaberCats rugby team as part of their medical team for all home games and some away games.

“I am glad I chose this profession,” said Dennis. “It makes me so happy when the people I work with thank me genuinely for helping them out or teaching them something new.”

As Dennis continues her journey in the athletic training field, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of women across the globe who are breaking barriers and being the first of many in all areas of the field.

“It’s excellent hearing about women such as Nina Hsieh, former head athletic trainer for the Los Angeles Lakers, and U.S. Major League Rugby trainers Meghan McKay in Houston, Jenn Roney in Utah, and Meghan Wilkinson in D.C. succeeding in the professional ranks,” said Dennis. “I hope their success continues to push open the doors for future generations of women in the athletic training field.”

For those looking to enter the field, Dennis encourages prospective students to remain open to trying emerging settings in athletic training, such as industrial and military settings.

“The athletic training profession is growing rapidly, and incoming students should know that there are avenues in the field outside traditional sports settings,” said Dennis.


Parker Gallagher, Marketing & Communications Student Assistant

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