Angie Magazino Uses Leadership Skills to Mentor Others

Angie Magazino

Angie Magazino’s ’07 post-graduate journey began as a high school English teacher but quickly expanded to helping youth and adults throughout the country.

“After graduation, I set out to do the job I’d always dreamed of: teaching. I loved being a teacher, but I realized after a few years that I wanted to teach people, not English. When I left teaching, I pursued a master’s in student affairs because I wanted to explore the crossroads of pedagogy and psychology. Since then, I’ve worked in several roles that allow me to teach both youth and adults.”

But she didn’t tackle this challenge alone. 

“I have a long list of phenomenal mentors, an extraordinary support network, and a very high tolerance for failure,” added Magazino. “It’s true what they say: experience really is the best teacher. The reason I’m not afraid to try new things or take on new challenges is because there’s always something to be gained from trying.”

Magazino’s sense of adventure has taken her to four states and Washington, D.C., where she recently became chief of program and training with Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY). This educational non-profit focuses on teaching lifelong leadership skills to participants around the world.

“I went to HOBY when I was 15 years old, and have volunteered with them for 14 years. In my new role, I will enhance our youth leadership programs and create a lifelong leadership journey for alumni and volunteers,” said Magazino. “This is truly my dream job, but I never dreamed of it until the opportunity appeared.

Before HOBY, Magazino worked at a variety of positions at Michigan State University, Dickinson College, and the College of William & Mary, but is probably proudest of co-founding Girls With Ideas in 2015. 

“We created Girls With Ideas because of our passion for female-led leadership and the understanding that experiences as a leader can differ dramatically based on gender identity,” said Magazino. “The ideal intervention age for a girl is 9 years old—that’s when her confidence peaks and social pressures creep in, for better or for worse. 

“I knew my co-founders through HOBY and had spent years implementing world-wide leadership programs for teens through our volunteer work. When my co-founder, a school psychologist, realized she wanted a leadership program for girls at her school, she gave me call. Girls With Ideas was created a few months later and has been thriving ever since. Today, it reaches more than 1,000 girls in 15 states and four countries.”

Regardless of what the future holds, Magazino will always be a teacher at heart.

“To this day, I identify first and foremost as an educator. Teaching was one of the best jobs I ever had, and LVC prepared me well for serving others inside and outside the classroom. I’m lucky and grateful that my passion of teaching and leading has helped me to serve the communities I work with, and into a career where I can make a difference.”


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