10 Questions to Ask on Your College Visit

Students walk on campus in fall

My name is Briley, and I am a junior digital communications major at LVC. I have been a Valley Ambassador—an on-campus tour guide—for two years. I enjoy meeting new people, showing prospective students and families around campus, and capturing what LVC is like from a student’s perspective.

While the other tour guides and I love asking questions to hear about your interests, we also love when you ask us questions! Here are ten questions to ask your tour guide to get the most out of your college visit!

  1. Why did you choose this school?
  2. What resources do I have if I am struggling with a class?
  3. What kinds of activities happen on the weekends?
  4. What is around campus (small businesses, shopping centers, things to do)?
  5. What kind of clubs/intramural sports does the school offer?
  6. Do I need to purchase any required software or equipment to do work?
  7. What services are there for students who are not sure of their major?
  8. What services are given to First-Year students as they adjust to a new life on campus?
  9. How often do you interact with your professors outside of class?
  10. What does a typical week look like for a student with academics? How many classes per day, how long, how much studying?

At the end of your tour, I suggest asking if there’s a way to contact your tour guide in case you have future questions!

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