The Valley Fund

Your gift to the Valley Fund every year helps LVC every day. The Valley Fund immediately touches the experience of each student and faculty member through scholarships, opportunities for collaborative research with faculty, and co-curricular experiences that add depth to classroom learning.

As a private college, LVC relies primarily on tuition for its operating funds. However, tuition and fees charged by the College cover only 85 percent of what it actually costs to provide a Valley education. The Valley Fund helps bridge the gap. Your gift to The Valley Fund supports the LVC experience for our students.

Leadership Vickroy Society Giving

Open to all alumni, parents, and friends of the College on an annual basis, members of The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society provide financial aid to deserving students, keep academic resources current, and ensure that every student receives the best education that Lebanon Valley College has to offer through gifts to the College totaling $1000 or more.

Four-Year Annual Scholarships

Annual Scholarships are an opportunity to make a yearly gift to the College and make a tangible difference in the life of a deserving student. Your gift makes the LVC experience more affordable for a particular student and eases his or her loan burden upon graduation.

With a commitment of $2,500 or more per year for at least a four-year period, a donor has the opportunity to name the scholarship and designate criteria–including the recipient’s major, GPA, class year, and/or other considerations.

Immersive Experience Fund

Immersive experiences provide opportunities for students to integrate their classroom learning within and beyond the campus borders. For LVC students, these might take the form of study abroad, collaborative research with faculty, and clinical interactions. Other students may engage in internships, serving in on- and off-campus leadership roles, and participating in service-learning projects in the community.

Averaging around $2,500 for each experience, your gift to the Immersive Experience Fund would connect you with a student pursuing a hands-on, immersive opportunity. Gift support is critical to reaching our goal and delivering at least two such transformative experiences to each LVC student.

President’s Inclusive Excellence Fund

LVC strives to be a community in which all members feel safe, welcome, and included. Only by pursuing inclusive excellence can we create a setting where everyone achieves his or her highest potential.

The President’s Fund for Inclusive Excellence enables LVC to promote ongoing engagement with diversity in our curriculum and co-curriculum. It supports faculty and staff conference and workshop attendance, brings speakers and facilitators to campus for staff and faculty training, and assists with student-run programming.

President’s Innovation Fund

LVC is committed to creating an environment of innovation. The President’s Innovation Fund equips faculty to pilot distinctive new endeavors that have the potential for transformational learning. Faculty and staff apply to the fund annually with ideas for:

  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching/learning
  • Innovative pedagogical practices
  • Program enhancements based on assessment results

Up to $100,000 is awarded annually, helping faculty and staff enhance student learning and deliver a superior LVC experience.