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Wig and Buckle Presents The Crucible

Leedy Theater, Mund College Center

Wig and Buckle Theater Company presents The Crucible.

Show dates are Feb. 3-5, 10, and 12. See the full schedule of showtimes and reserve tickets here.

It’s 1692 in the small puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts. When Betty Parris falls into a coma-like state, mystery and rumors abound. It is revealed that the night she “fell ill”, she had been with several other girls dancing naked in the woods and asking Tituba, an enslaved woman from Barbados, to summon spirits. We also learn that John Proctor, a farmer, had an affair with Abigail, the unspoken leader of the girls, while she was working in his house.

Upon the arrival of Reverend John Hale, an expert on demonic possession, the entire town becomes ensnared in accusations of witchcraft and mass hysteria led by Abigail.

The narrative centers around Proctor’s struggle to protect his family and honor as Judge Danforth prosecutes the ever-growing number of townspeople that are accused of being witches. The accused are given a choice: confess or be executed. The Crucible, written in the era of McCarthyism, explores the dynamics of religious and political oppression and asks: Which is more important—one’s life or one’s integrity?