Scatter Terrain exhibit poster featuring Dan Rule, Magic Mountain, 2020, animation, 10 min

Opening Reception: Scatter Terrain Exhibit

Zimmerman Recital Hall

The term “scatter terrain,” borrowed from role-playing and war games, refers to miniature fragments of architecture, natural features, or small props that provide a visual aid for players. These three-dimensional objects serve as cues to better envision a larger, shared narrative of the game. This exhibition presents pockets of “terrain”—representations of peculiar landscapes, architectural gestures, and intimate domestic corners—by 25 contemporary artists. The videos, drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, and sculpture in the exhibition offer varied approaches to notions of home and place, as well as reckoning with an ailing world, and convey an urgent need for new perspectives. Some works might be seen as fantastical dystopias. Others tackle personal and political identity issues, questioning the notion of belonging. Scatter Terrain is co-curated by artist Anthony Cervino and art historian Shannon Egan. Organized by Ejecta Projects.

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