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Will I receive additional grant money because I'm a SAGE Scholar?

Only students who are full time and pursuing his/her first undergraduate degree will be considered for SAGE Tuition Rewards. When a student is accepted to LVC, the Admission Office determines what academic scholarship s/he is eligible to receive, if any. Students not awarded a scholarship are considered for LVC Grant-In-Aid. This is money that is not repaid and is based on financial need as determined, in part, by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students wanting to be considered for need-based aid must complete the aid application process.

The total amount of the SAGE Tuition Rewards (TR) earned are divided by the four-year period that a student attends college. For instance, if your SAGE TRs equal $10,000, you would have $2,500 per year over four years. If the academic scholarship and/or LVC Grant-In-Aid awarded exceeds the amount of SAGE TRs (per year), no additional grant will be awarded; however, if your SAGE TRs exceed the amount of the LVC grant/scholarship, LVC will award the difference in the form of a grant. Generally speaking, the academic scholarships and/or LVC Grant-In-Aid are worth more per year than the SAGE TRs. As a result, most students participating in SAGE do not receive additional funding. Feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-866-582-4236 (toll free), 717-867-6126, or if you have any questions.