J. Robert O’Donnell Scholarship in Physics

In order to compete for The J. Robert O’Donnell Scholarship in Physics, the following items must be received by February 15:

  • High school transcript showing a class rank in the top 10% (or a high school transcript showing a strong academic record if you attend a school that does not provide class rank)
  • Resume outlining extracurricular activities, community service, employment, and science-related experience
  • SAT or ACT score report
  • Application for college admission


SAT Scores

ACT Scores

Intended Major

Major MUST be Physics or Engineering Physics. Students interested in 3+2 Engineering (the Physics track only) or earning their Secondary Education Certification in Physics also qualify for this scholarship. 3+2 Engineering students following the Chemistry track are NOT eligible for the O’Donnell Scholarship in Physics.
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