Vale Music Group

VALE Music Group is a student run record label located at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA. During the fall semester, VALE Music Group plans the VALE Media Industries Conference, held in November each year. In the spring semester, VALE Records finds and signs a student artist, and releases an EP. All production is done in-house by students, as well as all publishing, financing, and booking.

Fine-tune Your Music Industry Career with a Music Business Degree or Business Degree with a Music Business Concentration

Enter a highly competitive field with a music business degree or business degree with a concentration in music business (no audition required for the concentration) that prepares you to tackle marketing, production, and management at many levels in the music industry. LVC's bachelor's degree in music business is fast-paced, flexible, and geared for students who want to work behind-the-scenes at record labels, touring companies, or in events management.

Get the edge you need with prospective employers through coursework, hands-on internships, and our student-run company, VALE Music Group. You'll learn how music goes from concept to market and how to navigate intellectual property law. And you'll be qualified to apply for internships in the music industry for companies like Big Machine Records (home to Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, and others!).

You can also opt to major in business administration with a concentration in music business—no audition required—if you are considering one of several career paths.

In addition to business, marketing, and economics, you'll also take courses in the fundamentals of music, music production, and copyrights, contracts, and cash. Embrace your inner performer and gain proficiency in piano and voice. We want you to be prepared to manage a portfolio of future hits—and the businesses that help music lovers find them.

Discover Your Degree Pathway

• Apply to our bachelor's degree in music business or business administration with a concentration in music business for first-year undergraduates.

• Master your degree requirements, from management to entrepreneurship, in the music industry.

• Pursue related degrees in Digital Communications, Audio & Music Production, or Business Administration.

Run the Show with LVC's Student Music Business and For-credit Internships

Music business majors and students majoring in business with a concentration in music business take courses side-by-side in recording studios, performances, and the VALE Media Industries Conference, which brings nationally recognized music industry professionals to campus each year. You'll share your skills with one another, help each other create valuable products, and learn how to run a successful music business together.

LVC's music business degree and concentration has a reputation for producing high-quality professionals. During your senior year, apply for an internship with local record labels, touring groups, or music publishers to learn about the music industry in a hands-on way. Our students have pursued internships with:

• Big Machine Records

• Syndicate Entertainment Marketing Agency

• Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra

• and others

Collaborate with like-minded students and professional musicians when you join the student-run VALE Music Group, which boasts divisions for album production, a yearly conference, booking concerts, publishing, and song publication. 

Learn how to book and manage live events, promote a music catalog, and find artists you can record and market. During your four years at LVC, you'll build a strong portfolio of work to show potential employers before you graduate.

What Makes Studying Music Business at LVC Special?

• Learn from our industry-recognized experts, who specialize in areas like publishing, copyright, and entrepreneurship.

• Get hands-on experience in the music industry through for-credit internships at record studios, music publishers, and events management companies.

• Join VALE Music Group and learn how to book musicians, sign artists, publish songs, host a major national conference, and put out records.

• Experience how songs come together in one of the four recording studios in our Blair Music Center. We have two multi-track facilities, a mastering suite, and an experimental sound/composition lab.

What You Can Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business

Because of the flexibility of LVC's music business degree, our graduates are prepared to work throughout the music industry, in media, and even in entertainment law, showcasing the strength of their backgrounds in business, marketing, and music. 

Our strong network of alumni work for publishing companies, record labels, television, radio, studios, and have even started their own businesses. You'll find them in managerial and support roles at organizations like C.F. Martin & Company, The Nelson Group, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, New Era Technology, and ABC27 News. Other alumni pursued graduate study in arts administration, law, and more.

Meet Our Graduates

Five LVC alumni are working in the music and arts industry of Nashville.

Ally Hepp '19 turned her LVC experience with VALE Music Group into a full-time job offer before graduation.

Why Music Business at LVC?

  • Music industry professionals know LVC's program produces graduates who have what it takes to succeed.
  • Musicians and music marketers learn side-by-side and share their skills with each other.
  • You'll have an internship after your junior year. Students have interned nationwide for large-corporate and small-cottage music businesses, including the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, Big Machine Label Group, EMI, The Syndicate Entertainment Marketing Agency, and more.
  • You can add a second major in a discipline such as digital communications to broaden your skillset and marketability.
  • It's all about the hands-on experience through a combination of VALE Music Group activities, music performance, studio recording, principles of successful businesses, and at least one internship.