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Connect Your Major with Your Language Skills!

Develop communicative and intercultural skills in French that have direct application to your professional life!

Unlike a traditional French major or minor, the concentration in Applied French enhances your chosen major by adding to it relevant French skills that extend your access to information, experiences, and global understanding.

  • Authentic, meaningful, interdisciplinary projects in French
  • Can be completed in three or four years, even if you begin at 101
  • Study abroad opportunities in French-speaking countries

Course Requirements

Minimum of 18 credit hours above the 100-level, including,

  • FRN 201: Language and Culture in the French-speaking World—Intermediate Level I (3 credits)
  • FRN 202: Language and Culture in the French-speaking World—Intermediate Level II (3 credits)

Waived for students who place higher based on placement test, who transfer equivalent course credit, or who earn a 4 or 5 on the AP French exam

  • Two semesters of FRN 300 (6 credits, repeatable for credit):
  • FRN 300: Advanced Applied French (3 credits). Prerequisite: FRN 202 or placement test. 

Six credits from the following:

  • FRN 305: Independent Summer Study in Quebec, Canada (4–8 credits)
  • Fall or spring term with LVC’s semester-long program in Montpellier, France (12–17 credits)

An approved study abroad program of at least four weeks in a French-speaking country

  • GLB 101: Crossing Borders Globalization (3 credits)
  • SOC 240: Diversity and Intercultural Communication (3 credits)

Contact Dr. Rick Chamberlin, associate professor of French and German, at to learn more. 

One of my most memorable experiences was studying abroad through LVC’s program in Montpellier, France, where I spent three months living with a host family, attending a French university, and traveling.

French and Politics Double Major, Journalist, 2014 Edward R. Murrow Award Recipient

Marie Cusick ’08