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Languages Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The Languages Department Mission

The mission of the Languages Department at Lebanon Valley College is to foster the study of languages and cultures and to invite students to discern, understand, and respect other cultures, as well as their own. We endeavor to prepare students to successfully engage with a diverse, multicultural, and multilingual world in their places of employment, graduate school, and their communities. Further, faculty members in the department model scholarship and make contributions through our own research in the areas of literature, linguistics, language acquisition, pedagogy, cross-cultural studies, and related fields.


Languages Department Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: Demonstrate Intercultural competence [as defined by J.M. Bennett as “a set of cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills and characteristics that support effective and appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural contexts.”]


  • Compare beliefs, values, perspectives, and practices of one’s culture and of another culture, while attentive to diversity within cultures.
  • Explain the interconnection between culture and language.
  • Advocate for decision-making or behavior in the target culture based on beliefs, values, perspectives, and practices of the target culture, under consideration of diversity within cultures.


Goal 2: Demonstrate proficiency in Spanish / French / German on the Intermediate-High level in Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational mode. 


  • Interpersonal Model (Speaking/Writing): Interact effectively in speaking/writing in the target language.
  • Interpretive Mode (Listening/Reading): Identify, interpret, and analyze what is heard/read on a variety of topics, under consideration of context and features of the audio or video.
  • Presentational Mode (Speaking/Writing) Present information in speaking/writing in the target language.


Goal 3: Awareness of tools and skills


  • Describe tools for producing and processing languages and explain how to use them in effective and ethical ways.
  • Explain how learning outcomes of the course apply to careers and life-long learning.


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