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About Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at LVC

LVC’s Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program will give you significant lab and field experiences through research, which is a crucial hands-on background for any science-related career. Each faculty member has a dedicated research laboratory with equipment and instrumentation to carry out advanced experimentation in their discipline. You’ll know how to use advanced instrumentation and become skilled in techniques, processes, and the professional expectations and concepts of your chosen field long before your high school classmates at major state universities.

This joint program of biology and chemistry will give you a strong background in both fields, along with the flexibility to customize your degree to match your career goals. Recent alumni of our program have gone on to Cargill, Eurofins, Lancaster Laboratories, Glaxo SmithKline, and Hidden Still Spirits or attended prestigious medical, veterinary, and dental schools with guidance from our faculty-led Health Professions Committee. In the last 12 years, seven LVC biochemistry & molecular biology graduates have received prestigious National Institutes of Health Post-baccalaureate Fellowships.

“I love the sciences and I really love chemistry, but my dad told me that taking biochem was like combining the two and learning the best of both worlds. I was able to meet many of the science faculty before enrolling, which confirmed LVC as my top choice.”

Ciara Marshall '18, Allwein Scholar