Global Ambassadors

Contact your Study Abroad Alumni that are happy to talk to you about their experiences studying abroad. Ask your questions to LVC students who have been in your shoes.

Meet the Global Ambassadors

Kendall Halsey

Kendall Halsey – Dublin, Ireland Semester

“I enjoyed studying in Dublin, Ireland because I had access to other European countries and was able to check several places off my bucket list. Everyone in Dublin was so nice and I loved how accessible several points of interest were from the city. I made lifelong friendships with other LVC students and memories that I will never forget.”

Abigail Nagle

Abigail Nagle – Dublin, Ireland Semester

“Growing up I have always had a passion for traveling. My favorite part about studying abroad was exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, and meeting people from around the world. Interacting and adapting to different cultures and environments has taught me critical skills I will need as a physical therapist.”

Allie Jones

Allie Jones – Costa Rica and Maastricht, Netherlands Summer

“As a biochemistry and neuroscience double major and Spanish minor, I was fortunate to be able to study abroad the summer before my senior year in Maastricht, Netherlands, and in Costa Rica. These opportunities opened my eyes to other cultures and areas in the world. I made so many memories, and I met a lot of new people, both from LVC and from the host countries!”

Trevor Hamilton

Trevor Hamilton – Maastricht, Netherlands Summer

“I’ve been interested in global politics since living overseas in Tbilisi, Georgia as a child. At LVC, I’ve satisfied this interest with a double major in political science and global studies. Studying abroad is the most direct and effective way to learn in my field. I see it as a necessity for anyone interested in international relations.”

Ainsley Cline

Ainsley Cline – Perugia, Italy Summer

“I am a senior business administration major with a double minor in management and environmental studies. Studying abroad in Italy for 5 weeks was one of the best decisions I made throughout my LVC career. I left the country with a great group of new friends, and experiences I would’ve never had before.”

Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller – Dublin, Ireland Semester

“I was inspired to study abroad by other LVC students who had previously studied abroad and was able to do so through the Dublin program. My favorite parts of studying abroad include exploring both the city and the beautiful Irish countryside.”

Jamie LaPine

Jamie LaPine – Perugia, Italy Semester

“My major is Global Studies with minors in music and political science. For my major I was required to study abroad, but I knew it was something I had always wanted to do. Going to Italy taught me so much about myself and others, and I’m so glad I had this experience to go out of my comfort zone.”

Natalie Santangelo

Natalie Santangelo – Perugia, Italy Summer

“I am a senior business administration major, with a minor in human resource management. Traveling outside of the country was something I never pictured myself doing, but I am so glad that I have taken the chance to do something outside of my comfort zone. Taking classes, walking the streets, visiting family restaurants and businesses allowed me to fully immerse myself into the Italian culture.”

Kaylen Leiby

Kaylen Leiby – Dublin, Ireland Semester

“I always dreamed of studying abroad, and LVC made it possible with the Dublin, Ireland program. My favorite part of studying abroad was traveling and experiencing different cultures firsthand. Ireland was a great location as we were able to visit other cities in Europe during the semester. I learned many lessons while abroad, and the skills I developed will help me as a future Speech-Language Pathologist.”

Mariel Davis

Mariel Davis – Dublin, Ireland Semester

“I am a physical therapy major, and I was inspired by my first-year mentor who studied abroad. I have a love for traveling and have been to Ireland before my semester abroad. While in Ireland, I loved meeting new people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise and being able to travel and explore new places with them. One of my favorite memories was celebrating and attending the St. Patrick’s Day parade with friends.”

Tyler Snavely

Tyler Snavely – Costa Rica Summer

“I am a sophomore Biology major with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. I studied abroad in Costa Rica in the summer of 2022, and it was truly the best experience of my life. Traveling to another country and meeting new people was certainly challenging but extremely rewarding for me. Not only did I improve my ability to speak a second language, but I got to witness a beautiful country with friends from both college and the host country.”

Victoria Moreno

Victoria Moreno – Costa Rica Summer

“I am a second year Exploratory major with a Spanish minor. I studied abroad the summer after my first year. My favorite things about Costa Rica are the wildlife, the culture, and the people! I was able to improve my Spanish, make more connections, and new skills that I brought back home with me.”