Mariel Davis


Mariel Davis was inspired by her first-year mentor who studied abroad, and her previous love of traveling, to study abroad. She had even been to Ireland before her semester there. While she was in Ireland, she loved meeting new people that she wouldn’t have met otherwise, and being able to travel and explore new places with them. One of her favorite memories was celebrating and attending the St. Patrick’s day parade with her new friends.

Kaylen Leiby


I always dreamed of studying abroad, and LVC made it possible with the Dublin, Ireland program. My favorite part of studying abroad was traveling and experiencing different cultures firsthand. Ireland was a great location as we were able to visit other cities in Europe during the semester. I learned many lessons while abroad, and the skills I developed will help me as a future Speech-Language Pathologist.


LVC physical therapy student Celia Yost in Italy

CELIA YOST '24 | Perugia, Italy

As a physical therapy major, I was thrilled to have the chance to study abroad and experience unique classes that are not originally built into the LVC program! Staying in Perugia, Italy was an incredible experience, and I felt deeply immersed into the Italian culture by being in a smaller town with a rich history. I encourage everyone to study abroad, as the experience of living in another country for a few months was the highlight of my college experience so far!