Costa Rica

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

International Summer Programs
Students on Go First trip to Quebec City during summer 2015.

Quebec City, CANADA

The Quebec Summer Advanced Language Program offers sophomores through seniors the opportunity to enroll in a three-week French language and culture course, earning four (4) LVC credits at different start times throughout the summer.

LVC student group at waterfall in Costa Rica


This four-week summer program is offered to students in any major who have an interest in broadening their Spanish language and Hispanic cultural knowledge. You can earn six credits with this beginning, intermediate, or advanced proficiency Spanish language course that will apply toward a major or minor in Spanish. Students live with different Costa Rican host families over the four-week program duration in three different cities: Flamingo, Monteverde, and San Joaquin de Flores.

LVC student group in Wurzburg Germany

Wurzburg, Germany

This four-week summer program is offered to students in any major who have completed at least two years of college-level German language. Students will complete four credits of an advanced German course taught by an LVC German language professor.

Perugia Italy

Perugia, Italy

The goal of this summer study abroad program in Italy is to offer LVC students the opportunity to engage with the culture, language, and lifestyle of Italy in the small, historic city of Perugia.

LVC student group in Maastricht Netherlands

Maastricht, Netherlands

This 4-week summer program offers students in any major the opportunity to complete six credits of coursework. Courses include an LVC faculty-led course titled “Business in the European Union” and an Intercultural Communications course taught by a Dutch faculty member. Excursions to the European Union Parliament building, Rotterdam Port, and local businesses.

Mountains in Poland


Poland is located in Central Europe and is full of natural beauty, rich history, and amazing food from the mountains, national parks and rugged coastlines. This very unique 3-week study abroad program will broaden participants’ knowledge about physical therapy and exercise sport services offered by various health care and sport facilities in Poland. The primary learning goal of the course aims to familiarize future healthcare and wellness providers with Eastern European organizations and functioning as an alternative to the US healthcare system.

Students study abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Michael Pittari, professor of art & art history, will serve as an instructor of a course that will immerse students in the art and culture of Barcelona, Spain. Topics will include the architectural evolution of the city from its ancient origins to the present, the development of the Modern Art movement in the work of artists such as Picasso and Dali, and the aesthetic of Barcelona as a global center of cultural tourism. The course will be instructed in English. No prior knowledge of the Spanish language or art history is required.