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Develop highly valued business skills in project management.

A certificate in project management prepares you with the required skillset essential for coordinating and executing a successful project; including: understanding qualitative and quantitative concepts and methods, developing informed business strategies, collaboration skills, and effective communication.

Fast Facts

Credits Required 9
Program Format In-Person, Online or Hybrid
Course Format 7-week accelerated terms
Program Pace Part-Time

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to jumpstart your new career or grow in your current career.

Many students who pursue this concentration will have experience serving or will be preparing for serving as a project manager or a member of a project team. Collaboration and communication skills are emphasized throughout the certificate courses and are essential when managing or participating in team projects. Project leaders and team members will learn how to gather information, interpret data, and assess risk and opportunity to inform decision-making and develop business effective strategies. The program utilizes case studies and problem-solving scenarios to allow students to learn and practice these skills in a highly interactive learning environment.  

The program offers the flexibility of learning in online or hybrid environments. No GMAT exams are required to enter this certificate program. The certificate is comprised of 3 courses (9 credits) that can be obtained as a stand-alone certificate or as a concentration in Lebanon Valley College’s ACBSP accredited Master of Business Administration program. If you choose, all 9 credits earned in achieving your Certificate in Project Management are transferable into the LVC MBA program giving a head-start on earning this highly desired degree. 

The choice of courses is constantly growing.

Current courses in the Certificate in Project Management include:

  • MBA 827 Introduction to Project Management
  • MBA 837 Planning and Scheduling Management
  • MBA 857 Supply Chain Management
  • MBA 867 Risk and Quality Management
  • MBA 893 Special Topics in Project Management

What makes the Certificate in Project Management at LVC special?

  • Learn from industry professional faculty with decades of experience managing teams and projects in a wide variety of industries.
  • Take courses online or in person, in a 7-week format so you can still work full-time.
  • Complete your certificate in less than 1 year *
  • Apply your Certificate in Project Management (9 credits) toward our MBA degree.

Eligibility Information and Application:

  • Complete an online application.
  • No GMAT exams or prerequisite courses required
  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree.
    • An official transcript is required.
    • If currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program, official transcripts from each of the colleges and universities you have attended are required. A conditional acceptance will be issued pending completion of the degree.

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