Mund College Center aerial view


The Allan W. Mund College Center (Mund) is a gathering place for all members of the College community. It houses the Center for Student Engagement, Ed and Lynn Breen Center for Career and Professional Development, and the Lebegern Learning Commons. It is a place to meet a friend for dinner; see a play; study in the Wengert Living Room by the fireplace; or attend dances, lectures, and movies. 

Mund College Center Facilities

Upper Level

  • Center for Student Engagement: 
  • Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students 
  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs 
  • Office of Intercultural Affairs & Inclusive Programs 
  • Office of Residential Life 
  • Office of Student Activities 
  • Office of Student Engagement 
  • Metz Dining Services 
  • Wengert Living Room with fireplace 
  • Information Boards 
  • Leedy Theater: capacity for 200—used for movies, meetings, theater productions, lectures, and other group activities 
  • President’s Dining Room 
  • Tweedie Meeting Rooms 
  • Lehr and Phillips Dining Rooms 
  • College Store 
  • Tech Nook 


Lower Level

  • Lebegern Learning Commons: 
  • Center for Accessibility Resources 
  • Center for Global Education 
  • Edward and Lynn Breen Center for Career and Professional Development 
  • Center for Writing & Tutoring Resources 
  • Commuter Lounge 
  • Mund Technology Center 
  • Underground 


Facility and Room Reservations

Any student or group wishing to reserve a room on campus or in the Mund College Center must submit the request through Conference Services at 717-867-6320 or All student-sponsored, campus-wide events should also be scheduled with the Student Activities Office.

Commuter Lounge

The Commuter Lounge is located on the lower level of the Mund College Center for commuting students to study, eat, and relax. The lounge has snack and drink vending machines, gaming systems, and a microwave, refrigerator, and television. Information related to academic and social events is posted on bulletin boards in the lounge. 

Posting Materials
  1. organizations or College departments. The sponsoring group must be identified on posted materials. The Student Activities Office can make exceptions. 
  2. All non-LVC related promotional materials posted in Mund must be approved by the student activities office. 
  3. Promotional materials posted in Mund must be placed only on bulletin boards or designated posting areas. 
  4. Posters and flyers placed on walls, glass doors, trees, or painted surfaces will be removed and organizations posting in these areas could be held responsible if damage occurs.  
  5. Organizations and College departments are responsible for removing materials within 24 hours after the event. 
  6. Materials depicting or announcing activities at which alcohol will be served are prohibited. Materials promoting activities sponsored by alcohol manufacturers or establishments serving alcohol are prohibited. 
  7. Postings on campus are not rights; they are privileges open only to members of the college community. Postings are permitted only on certain exterior and interior areas. Messages that contain abusive language, threats, fighting words, or obscenities will be removed, as well as all messages, regardless of content, that appear in prohibited locations or that fail to comply with other relevant restrictions.