Verification of Enrollment/Academic Status

MyHub Education Verification Portal

Lebanon Valley College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for all verification requests from third parties (insurers, lenders, employers, and others who need to verify enrollment and/or degrees of LVC students).  Students may use the National Student Clearinghouse’s MyHub free and secure portal to download and print certificates of enrollment and “good student discount” (3.0 GPA or above). Current students may login using their LVC account.

Former students who do not have access to their LVC account may setup an account using a LinkedIn or Google account through the MyHub’s website .

Benefits of MyHub:

  • Immediate access to a certificate of enrollment to share with third parties.
  • Lifetime access to enrollment and degree history at LVC and other colleges, if applicable.
  • Ability to add and track Credly digital credentials.

Information not available through MyHub:

  • Enrollment information for a current or upcoming term may not be available right away.
  • Very recent changes to enrollment.
  • Grades and GPAs beyond verifying a “good student discount” based on a GPA of 3.0 or above. Please request an academic transcript to obtain this information.
Other Requests for Verification of Enrollment/Academic Status

Students who need to verify information that is not available on the MyHub portal or in cases where electronic education records are not accepted should complete a Request for Verification of Enrollment/Academic Status Form (PDF) and return it to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Verifications will be produced on College letterhead and will include a signature of the Registrar and the seal of the College. If an organization requesting the verification requires that a form be completed, students should complete the above request form, attach the required form, and include an envelope, if provided.

Verification of Teacher Certification Candidacy Status

Students needing to verify the status of their teacher certification should also complete the above form. The verification will note any pending coursework or outstanding certification requirements.

Please see MyLVC for more information on teacher certification, including applying through the Pennsylvania Department of Education portal.