Physical Therapy Mission, Goals, & Objectives

Physical Therapy Program Mission

The mission of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Lebanon Valley College is to graduate competent, autonomous, and contemporary movement specialists with a liberal arts background. We prepare critically thinking, reflective practitioners that provide patient and family-centered care. Our graduates exemplify professional presence through the use of evidence-based practice and sound clinical reasoning in an interprofessional environment.


Program Goals and Objectives

  1. Graduates will possess broad-based skills and knowledge necessary for effective implementation of the patient/client management model across a variety of contexts.
    1. Graduates meet entry level by the conclusion of their final clinical. 100% pass rate on professional licensure examination meets benchmark.
    2. The pass rate on comprehensive practical examination meets target and demonstrates proficiency in psychomotor skills.
  2. Graduates will be proactive and professionally responsive to meet current and future societal healthcare needs, as movement specialists, while promoting the profession of physical therapy.
    1. Graduates can identify healthcare needs of the community, formulate a plan to address community healthcare needs, and implement a plan to address a community healthcare needs with each exceeding target thresholds.
    2. Employers acknowledge Program graduates demonstrate professional responsibility and advocacy.
  3. Graduates will possess the critical thinking skills needed to promote self-directed learning and evidence-based practice common to a doctoring profession.
    1. Graduates demonstrate critical thinking and evidence-based practice as demonstrated by pass rates on the professional licensure examination and clinical performance.
    2. Graduates utilize evidence-based sources to support and enhance clinical practice.
    3. Program graduates engage in clinical practice, post-professional education, and obtain nationally recognized advanced certifications.
  4. Graduates will be guided in their decision-making process using the core values of the physical therapy profession.
    1. Program graduates incorporate professional core values in clinical decision-making.
  5. Graduates will recognize the value of contributing to society through education and community service.
    1. Graduates perform community outreach activities, attend continuing education courses, and support clinical education contributing to their community.


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