Music Business Mission, Goals, & Objectives

The Music Department Mission

The Mission of the LVC Department of Music is to provide a comprehensive program of study for professional careers in musical arts, music production, music business and music education. We are committed to creating an educational experience that combines excellence in musicianship with the academic rigors of the discipline.

Our goals are to:

  • Prepare music majors for professional careers in music
  • Immerse students in the art and practice of music within a liberal arts environment
  • Contribute to the cultural enrichment of the college and community
  • Provide students with an atmosphere of safety and well-being
  • Facilitate student appreciation of diversity, the practice of inclusiveness, and commitment to global citizenship


Music Business Vision Statement

Bachelor of Arts with Emphasis in Music Business (MBS): To holistically prepare students for entrepreneurship and employment in music related businesses. Immersion in the program’s VALE Music Group provides students real-world application of all aspects of music related industries: event planning, music publishing, concert promotion, budgetary accounting, talent management, recording and distribution of new music, e-commerce, podcasts, merchandising, and skills in organizational communication leadership. With VALE and subsequent required internship, students graduate well-prepared for the rigors of music related enterprises with a rich portfolio of experience and applied knowledge.


Music Business Goals and Objectives

The department’s mission statement grows out of the College’s statement and is supported by the following broad goals and objectives:


GOAL 1: Students will be effective performers.
  • 1.1 – Students will demonstrate proficiency on their principle applied medium
  • 1.2 – Students will demonstrate proficiency in reading music notation.
  • 1.3 – Students will demonstrate fundamental proficiency in keyboard skills.
  • 1.4 – Students will demonstrate fundamental proficiency in vocal skills.


GOAL 2: Students will achieve musical literacy.
  • 2.1 – Students will demonstrate knowledge of musical styles, forms, processes, and their cultural context.
  • 2.2 – Students will demonstrate proficient analytical listening skills.


GOAL 3: Students will apply knowledge of musical concepts by creating music.
  • 3.1 – Students will demonstrate musical literacy in original composition and/or improvisation.


GOAL 4: Students will demonstrate professional competence in their area of specialization.
  • 4.1 – Students will integrate their knowledge and skills in activities specific to their field
  • 4.2 – Students will apply this knowledge base in a capstone experience


Video evidence of effective performances can be found here.


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