Dr. Warren Gramm

Warren Gramm

Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Music Education

Email: gramm@lvc.edu

Phone: 973-768-0466

Office Location: Blair 111

B.S., The College of New Jersey; M.M., The Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins; D.M.A., Boston University

Music Education, Modern Band, Peer Mentoring, & Popular Music Pedagogies

Research & Practice Areas:
Peer Mentoring, Modern Band, Guitar, Music Technology

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  • MED-333: Elementary Methods and Materials
  • MED-337: Music Teaching and Learning I
  • MED-437: Music Teaching and Learning II
  • MED-441/442: Music Student Teaching
  • MME-860: Modern Band Pedagogy
  • MME-867: Creative Experiences in Modern Band