Employee Voicemail System


  • You will see a red light on your digital phone or hear an audible beep when you have new messages.
  • Reach voicemail by dialing 7000 from campus or press the “Messages” button on your phone, or dial 717-867-6500 or 1-866-LVC-VMAIL (1-866-582-8624) from off campus
    • Your id is your 4 digit extension, and your pin is the password you set to access your voicemail.  Contact solutions@lvc.edu if you do not know your pin.
  • To forward your phone to voicemail, press CFwdAll and then the “Messages Button” or extension 7000.  This will send all calls straight to voicemail.
  • Recorded voicemails will also arrive as attachments in your email inbox, for your convenience.


Initial Voicemail Setup

  • From any campus phone dial 7000 or press the “Messages” button on your phone (or from off campus dial 867-6500).
  • When prompted Enter the initial/temporary password (your telephone extension) followed by the # key.
  • Follow the directions to record your name and greetings.
  • The first time you access your voice mailbox, the system will walk you through changing your initial/temporary password.
  • The system attendant will ask you to list your name in the directory by pressing “1”, please ignore this message and hit “#” to continue as we will not be using this feature.


Helpful Keys When Listening to a Message On Your College Phone

1 Restart message
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Slow playback
5 Change volume
6 Fast playback
7 Rewind message
8 Paus\Resume
9 Fast-forward
# Fast-forward to end
# # Skip message, save as is