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Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Division promotes educational excellence and engaged learning by offering innovative and immersive experiences that transcend boundaries. 

Go to Academic Affairs | 717-867-6078


Admission Office

The Lebanon Valley College Office of Admission is happy to answer your application, admission, visit, and financial aid questions.

Go to Admission | 717-867-6181 |


Advancement Office

Whether it's expanding scholarship support or making global, high-impact experiences more widely available, the Advancement Office works to ensure that every student has access to the best of The Valley

Go to Advancement | 717-867-6325


Audiovisual Technology

Audiovisual Technology supports the campus community with audiovisual equipment, offers training in the use of technology-enabled rooms, schedules access to technology and podiums in technology-enabled rooms.

Go to Audiovisual Technology | 717-867-6200 |


Bishop Library 

The Library provides support and leadership for the educational, instructional, and research activities of the College, as well as the surrounding community.

Go to the Bishop Library | 717-867-6977 |


Breen Center for Career and Professional Development

Breen Center for Career and Professional Development empowers students in developing and implementing their career plans and pursuing graduate and professional school.

Breen Center for Career and Professional Development | 717-867-6560 | 


Business Office

The LVC Business Office assists all full- and part-time students and families with tuition billing, refunds where appropriate, and campus purchases on student accounts.

Go to the Business Office | 717-867-6300

Center for Academic Success and Exploratory Majors

The Center for Academic Success and Exploratory Majors provides writing guidance and tutoring assistance to students looking to reach their greatest potential.

Center for Academic Success and Exploratory Majors | 717-867-6078

Center for Accessibility Resources

The Center for Accessibility Resources provides persons with disabilities equal access to Lebanon Valley College programs, services, and activities.

Go to the Center for Accessibility Resources | 717-867-6028

Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education provides extensive support to LVC students who plan to study abroad at one of our 10 full-semester international locations or numerous short-term, faculty-led options. 

Go to the Center for Global Education
 | 717-867-6076

College Store

A Barnes & Noble Store, the Lebanon Valley College Store hours can be viewed on the College Store Website by visiting the link below.

Go to the College Store | 717-867-6313


Community Service

The Office of Community Service and Volunteerism directly supports the College's mission and purpose "to empower students for a life of citizenship" and its core value of commitment "to service, sustainability, and civic engagement."

Go to Community Service | 717-867-6167


Conference Services

Conference Services coordinates campus events, helping to create an enjoyable and successful experience for attendees.

Go to Conference Services | 717-867-6340


Counseling Services

The Lebanon Valley College Counseling Services is open to students who seek short-term counseling for a variety of issues from academic difficulties, anxiety, crisis intervention, relationship issues, stress, and more.

Go to Counseling Services | 717-867-6232


Dining Services

Metz Culinary Management provides food services throughout campus, combining a restaurant atmosphere with a taste of home.

Go to Dining Services | 717-867-6314


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Institutional Success

The Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Institutional Success provides student support and campus-wide programming focused on increasing diversity, promoting equity, and advocating social justice.

Go to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Institutional Success | 717-867-6165


Facilities Services

The Office of Facilities Services handles maintenance, grounds, and housekeeping services, and is a strategic partner in LVC's sustainability and recycling efforts.

Go to Facilities Services | 717-867-6340


Financial Aid Office

Please contact the Financial Aid Office with all of your questions about loans, scholarships, and more.

Go to Financial Aid | 717-867-6126 |


Graduate & Professional Studies

After completing your undergraduate degree, grow your professional skills and expand your knowledge with an LVC graduate degree or professional certificate.

Go to Graduate & Professional Studies | 717-867-6089 |


Health Services

Located in the Shroyer Health Center, the Health Services staff is available to meet the ordinary medical needs of all full-time students and emergency medical care or the College community.

Go to Health Services | 717-867-6232


Human Resources

Human Resources supports the mission and strategic plan of the college by developing and sustaining inclusive programs, practices, and strategies that support high performing talent and a high performing culture.

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Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is responsible for the management, operation, and support of the College's computer and communications systems.

Go to Information Technology | 717-867-6072


Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provided unbiased information to be used in college-wide decision-making, institutional effectiveness activities, assessment practices, and strategic planning processes.  The office responds to internal and external requests for data to ensure the accuracy and consistency of reported College data.

Go to Institutional Research | 717-867-6205


Leadership Development

Leadership Development at LVC seeks to support the College’s call to prepare our students to be “people of broad vision, capable of making informed decisions” and help them “acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to live and work in our rapidly changing world.”

Go to Leadership Development | 717-867-6233


Marketing & Communications

The Office of Marketing & Communications works to inspire and inform audiences through publications, media relations, the Lebanon Valley College website, social media, and other outreach.

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President's Office

James M. MacLaren, Ph.D., became the College’s 19th president on July 1, 2020. Dr. MacLaren is data- and values-driven. He exhibits an unequivocal commitment to the success of all students—undergraduate, adult, first-generation, and underrepresented.

Go to President's Office | 717-867-6211 


Public Safety

Public Safety personnel are on duty seven days a week and provide service related to traffic and parking control, campus and residence hall patrols, escort assistance, lost items, and prevention programs.

Go to Public Safety | 717-867-6111



The Registrar’s Office upholds the integrity of student academic records and credentials while providing convenient, responsive, and accurate support to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the general public.

Go to Registrar | 717-867-6215


Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life promotes a safe, supportive, and inclusive residential environment that complements and extends the educational experience of our students.

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Spiritual Life

LVC's Office of Spiritual Life supports and nurtures the faith development and ethical growth of all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Lebanon Valley College so that caring and concern for others is a core value within our community.

Go to Spiritual Life | 717-867-6135


Sports Center

The LVC Sports Center promotes, conducts, and administers recreational activities and fitness programs that support the health and wellness of our students, faculty, and staff. 

Go to the LVC Sports Center | 717-867-6360


Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs encourages students to become highly involved in both the classroom and out of classroom learning experiences. The staff is here to assist with all aspects of a student's campus life.

Go to Student Affairs | 717-867-6233


The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery

The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery is open Wednesday from 5–8 p.m., Thursday and Friday from 1–4:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Go to The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery | 717-867-6445 |