Lebanon Valley College was named best college in Pennsylvania and #4 in the U.S. for getting a job

Everything you need to know, right here.

Check out all the resources, activities, and updates to help you ease into your first semester in college or prepare you for another academic year at The Valley. We encourage you to browse the new student pages of the website, connect on the Class of 2025 Facebook page, and utilize your peer leadership networks, FYE instructors, and staff members that are here to help you.

It is our hope that you will achieve success through the many offerings that LVC puts in place to help you attain your goals. Take advantage of all that we offer; attend events, meet new people, ask questions, and challenge yourself to become the person you have always wanted to be.

New Students

New Student Orientation/Move-In Day

The Class of 2025 will arrive on campus on Wednesday, August 25. If you are a residential student, check in at North Campus, Parking Lot A (see map).

New student commuters will check in Thursday, Aug. 26, between 8-9:30 a.m. Park in one of the North Campus lots, then walk to the Mary Green Tent (see map).

We’ll have some activities to help you connect with and learn about the LVC community and its resources. First-Year Mentors will provide key information, mentoring, and guidance. See the full orientation schedule.

Move-In Map/Directions

Week of Welcome

Kick off the semester at our Week of Welcome (W.O.W.) during the first week of classes. There will be something for everyone including prizes and giveaways for attendees. See the full lineup of events for the week here, including the Welcome Back Social on Sunday, Aug. 29.

All Students

Room Key Pickup

Room keys will be available for pickup during your move-in time upon check-in at North Campus Red Lot A.

Connecting to LVC Wireless

To connect your laptop, phone, or tablet to the campus network:
1. Connect the device to LVC Wireless in network settings.
2. Open your web browser of choice and navigate to registerme.lvc.edu
3. This will open a registration page with the Dutchman,
choose ‘Users who have an LVC Network/E-Mail account’.
4. Enter your LVC username and password, then choose the device type, and click download.
5. Run the downloaded file which verifies your system meets our security parameters. (if you need an up to date Anti-
Virus for Windows, LVC recommends enabling and keeping Windows Defender up to date)
6. If the scan is successful, wait a minute or two for your
device to be placed back on the network. You may need to disconnect and reconnect to LVC Wireless.


To register a game console or smart device on the network:
1. Locate the MAC address of your device—this can typically be found in the settings menu or printed on the device.
2. Open your web browser and navigate to registerme.lvc.edu.
3. Select ‘Register your Device on the LVC Campus Network’.
4. Enter your LVC username and password, and then the MAC address of your device, and choose the device type from the drop down.
5. Please wait a couple minutes for the change to be made in our system, then you should have an internet connection.  You may need to power off and back on or disconnect the wifi and reconnect.

Student Employment Opportunities on Handshake

As a reminder, you will find all on-campus student employment positions posted through Handshake. Handshake is our platform for you to schedule career coaching appointments, register for events and fairs, search for jobs and internships off campus, and find all on-campus student employment.

For questions or help accessing Handshake, drop by the Breen Center or email breencenter@lvc.edu

Metz Dining Updates


We here at Metz Dining are excited for the new school year to begin. We are planning on returning to self-service throughout Mund with three-quarters of the dining seating being open for our guests. There will be additional seating available outdoors in the tent behind Mary Green Residence Hall. For anyone who opts to dine out, we require a $10 deposit on environmentally-friendly reusable green food containers. Turn in your dirty container, and we will give a clean one at no additional charge. At the end of the semester, when you turn in your container for the last time, your account will be credited for the $10 deposit.  Just a note, masks are required indoors in each of our facilities. 

We are adding the convenience of the Grubhub app, now available to our students. Use the app to make online orders. It’s easy, convenient, and fits into your hectic schedule.

The smell of great coffee will be all over campus. We will offer Starbuck coffees in Intermetzo & Bishop Brews through the We Proudly Brew program.

We are also adding a BYTE self-serve kiosk in the Athletic Center. This nutrient-dense program will offer pre-, during, and post-workout foods and beverages that are great sources of protein and recovery nutrition. 

Joining our staff this year is Morgan Hofacker, a registered dietitian who has worked in sports nutrition and personal health and fitness fields. She will be involved in athletic nutrition programs as well as working with others who would like advice on how to reach their diet and nutrition goals. 

Megan Temple has been named Assistant General Manager. Megan is a 2015 graduate of LVC and has a decade of experience in dining operations. 

Will Grumbein has been named Sous Chef. Will has been a trusted chef on this culinary team and has been with Metz for a little over three years. 

Christina Mann recently accepted the position of Catering Manager after several years at the Penn State Medical Center in Hershey. 

Dan Shadoin was selected to be the General Manager in charge of all dining operations. He has been in dining services for the last four decades, beginning his career as a dishwasher in college.

Metz is currently seeking student employees to fill out its roster. In addition to great pay and additional benefits, we allow LVC students to demonstrate commitment to serving others. Apply in person or apply online.

We also have an opening for a Marketing Intern and for a Social Media Intern. If you are interested, apply in person or apply online.

There are opportunities for campus groups to raise funds through our catering department. If your group wants to hear more about it, send a representative to see GM Dan Shadoin. He’ll be glad to meet you and discuss how it works and your additional benefits.

Finally, the world’s reaction to COVID-19 has created unique challenges for everyone and LVC has not been unaffected. We appreciate your patience as we work through these challenges on your behalf.


Edward and Lynn Breen Center for Graduate Success (Career Development)

The Breen Center staff have been working hard to prepare for your return and we are excited to announce that we will continue to offer all of our services, including appointments, drop-in hours, job fairs, workshops, and Pizza with Professionals.

Please visit our website for more information about our fall events, how to access our services, and schedule appointments. Another way to stay connected is to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we post about events, open positions, and career advice.

If you have any questions, please email breencenter@lvc.edu. We look forward to working with you this year on your career planning!

LVC Sports Center

Find recreational and self-directed activities at the LVC Sports Center. Visit their website for information on hours for fall and health and safety policies.

College Store

Information regarding ordering and reserving textbooks, including rental availability and access to digital titles, can be found on the College Store website. You can direct questions to the College Store Team at 717-867-6313 or acevedo@lvc.edu. You are encouraged to pre-order your books online, however, you will be able to make in-person purchases at the College Store. Online orders can be shipped to your home or picked up on campus. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to stay updated on sales and other information.

LVC Loyalty App

Download the LVC Loyalty Rewards app for a campus event schedule, to check-in at student activities, keep track of LVC Athletics schedules, and more. Available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Student Mail

(Students who live in College houses and apartments will use the street address and corresponding zip code below.)

Mail should be addressed as follows:

Student’s Name

Name of Residence Hall, Room Number

101 N. College Ave.

Annville, PA 17003

Each residence hall has a nine-digit zip code. Students should include the last four digits to ensure accurate mail delivery. Zip codes are:

38 College Avenue Hall  17003—1439  Dellinger Hall  17003—1440
44 College Avenue Hall  17003—1438  Derickson A Hall  17003—1424
104 College Ave., Friendship Hall  17003—1431  Derickson B Hall  17003—1435
118 College Avenue Hall  17003—1437  Funkhouser Hall  17003—1406
136 College Avenue Hall  17003—1403  Hammond Hall  17003—1408
138 College Avenue Hall  17003—1403  Keister Hall  17003—1409
144 College Avenue, Weimer Hall  17003—1430  Marquette Hall  17003—1498
217 E. Maple Street, West Hall  17003—1517  Mary Green Hall  17003—1407
219 E. Maple Street, East Hall  17003—1517  North College Hall  17003—1405
73 E. Sheridan Ave., Centre Hall  17003—1497  Silver Hall  17003—1421
79 E. Sheridan Ave., Sheridan W. Hall  17003—1416  Stanson Hall  17003—1470
81 E. Sheridan Ave., Sheridan E. Hall  17003—1426  Vickroy Hall  17003—1422
20 West Sheridan Hall  17003—1241  22 West Sheridan Hall  17003—1241
24 West Sheridan Hall  17003—1241    


Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety offers important student programming each semester, including R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense training for women), bystander intervention training, and ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training to help prepare students to respond to an active killer. Visit here for additional information or Redbook to register for training.

Public safety also has engraving tools for your use. Mark your valuables with your personalized numbering system or initials. Bring your item to the Office of Public Safety or sign out a tool for use in your residence hall room.

Campus Safety and Reporting Incidents

The office is located at 148 N. College Avenue and may be reached at 717-867-6111 (24 hours a day/7 days a week).

Emergency telephones (some with blue lights) are located across campus, on residence halls and in elevators; push the red button to summon an officer.

Reach Out (Editions), Powered by Capptivation Inc., is a free download for your smartphone that summarizes campus and community resources and reporting options at LVC. Just search “Reach Out Editions,” download the App, and then find “Lebanon Valley College.”

Vehicle Registration and Parking

Due to COVID-19 and the wellbeing of our public safety staff, all students must register their vehicles using an on-line process found here. Parking stickers/decals can be picked up at the Public Safety Office after registration is complete. Please park your vehicles in your assigned areas upon coming to campus.

Off-Campus Parking Decals (Teal)

Students authorized by LVC to live off-campus must register their vehicles with the Office of Public Safety before Sept. 1. A teal-colored decal will allow students to park in the community in which they live. While on campus, off-campus registrants need to use Commuter Parking areas.

Special Parking Privileges for Student Teachers and Interns

Students who require travel as part of their educational experience and wish to receive this parking privilege must request a numbered parking placard from the Office of Public Safety. Documentation in the form of course registration (student teaching) or internship verification (Breen Center for Graduate Success/course registration) must be provided to public safety.

Course Registration (Returning Students)

  • Online registration in AccessLVC will re-open Tuesday, Aug. 10, for returning students. New students will need to make changes to their schedules after meeting with their advisor during orientation. The Registrar’s Office is located in the Administration Building/Humanities Center, Room 106/107.
  • The last day to add a course or drop a course without a grade of “W” (withdrawal) is Sept. 3.
  • Visit the Registrar’s Office for additional information regarding registration and course offerings.

Community Service and Volunteerism

Students will have the chance to learn about service opportunities at our Student Engagement Fair on Wednesday, September 8 beginning at 4:45 p.m. in the Social Quad. 

Students may also drop by the Office of Service and Volunteerism (main level of Miller Chapel) throughout the first week of classes to meet our service coordinator, Jen Liedtka, and pick up information about upcoming service opportunities.


Center for Academic Success and Exploratory Majors

The Center for Academic Success and Exploratory Majors (CASEM) team looks forward to working with you this year! CASEM offers comprehensive academic support for undergraduate students that includes the following:

  1. Study Pods: Small group study sessions led by faculty-nominated student mentors who have completed the course. Pods are offered at least twice a week for courses that are highly requested. No appointment or request is needed. Click here for additional details.
  2. One-on-one tutoring: Peer tutoring offers free assistance for most 100- and 200-level courses. Requests should be made 48–72 hours in advance on our website. If the requested course already has a scheduled Study Pod, students are asked to attend 1–2 Pods before requesting a one-on-one tutor, unless there are work, class, athletic, or commuting conflicts. In addition to Peer tutoring, CASEM also has a team of Writing Tutors ready to assist you in any stage of the Writing Process, and our team of Organizational Tutors is available to assist students with organization, effective study habits, and time management.
  3. Writing Mentors: FYE classes have Writing Mentors to support you in your writing. These mentors are successful, faculty-nominated student writers who are trained to help new students become stronger, independent, and more confident writers. Your writing mentor's contact information will be provided to you during the first week of class.
  4. Academic Coaching: Coaching sessions focus on developing effective time management, organizational, test-taking, critical reading, note-taking, and study skills, as well as learning healthy behavioral techniques including stress management and self-motivation.
  5. Starfish: Starfish is an online tool used at LVC that gives you the opportunity to connect with faculty and staff to cultivate your success. Through Starfish, you can submit concerns, access beneficial resources, connect with your Success Network, and receive updates on your academic progress. This tool also allows faculty and staff to recognize when you might need extra help and reach out to collaboratively resolve an issue. If you receive a Starfish Flag showing that someone has a concern, you will receive an email with a specific action plan to follow. Take that action and work with us to maximize your success. 
  6. CARE Team: At Lebanon Valley College, we want you to succeed in and out of the classroom. Administrators and faculty work together on the CARE Team to cultivate Confidence, Accountability, Resilience, and Engagement in every student. If a member of the LVC community is concerned about you for any reason (i.e. academic, social, or emotional issues), they will ask a CARE team member to reach out to you and work with you towards a solution. You should consider it your assignment to follow through and accept assistance from the appropriate source(s). Don’t be afraid or hesitant to seek help from these individuals: supporting you is their job! Be proactive and take control of your success.
  7. Study Smart Resource Closet: Grab the supplies you need to succeed! If you’re in need of a planner, or other essential school supplies, email findyoursuccess@lvc.edu to schedule a time to access the closet.

We encourage you to visit our website for more information about our services and programming, as well as Instagram, where we host Tutor Takeovers and share success tips. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing us at findyoursuccess@lvc.edu or stopping by one of our offices to connect.

Cable Television

XFINITY On Campus is available to all residential students, offering more than 100 live channels.  Students can stream live TV, movies, and more on computers and mobile devices.  Students may also use the Xfinity Stream app, which is available for use on many Smart TVs, mobile devices, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV devices, and XBOX consoles.  For a full list of compatible devices, visit this page.  Instructions on using the Xfinity Stream App can be found here.  Support can be requested through this page.

Cloud DVR Service is available to all residential students.  You can record up to 2 programs at once, saving up to 20 hours of DVR recordings.  Recordings can be downloaded and watched on the go.  For more information on this DVR service, visit this page.

Peacock Premium Streaming service is available free of charge as part of Xfinity On Campus.  On campus, students can sign up to use this service at https://www.peacocktv.com/xfinity and then download the app for use on mobile devices.

Free Software

Microsoft Office 365 is available free to all LVC students and is the College’s primary email service. Office 365 can be used on computers and mobile devices. Please visit here for download instructions.

Zoom is a video communications app that allows you to set up virtual video and audio conferencing, live chats, screen sharing, and other capabilities.


Discounted Computers and Software

As an LVC student, you have access to educational discounts from Apple, Dell, and Lenovo (for purchasing computers and related equipment) and JourneyEd (for purchasing software). Visit here for additional information and links to these discounts.

Business Office

Payment and worksheets for the fall semester are due to the Business Office by Aug. 9. Please visit here if you wish to make a credit card or electronic check payment. You may also return a paper check with your completed account worksheet. Feel free to contact the Business Office at 717-867-6300 with questions.

Student Activities and Engagement

Student Government and the Student Programming Board (SPB) will hold their annual welcome back social Sunday, Aug. 29, on the Social Quad. The event will feature food, fun, and music. Student Government information for the Class of 2025 will be available during this time. 

Watch for updates about the Student Engagement Fair. Students from various LVC organizations will provide information regarding what their clubs have to offer. Representatives from various community organizations will be available to talk about community service opportunities, as well.

Weekend Activities

There is plenty to do on the weekends at The Valley. There are performers that hit the campus stage nearly every Friday night and feature comedians such as Shawn Felipe, Steve Soelberg, and more. 

Additional activities are also hosted regularly on campus.

Information about specific events will be on the LVC Loyalty Rewards App (download on Google Play or Apple Store), on Redbook, and posted outside the Center for Student Engagement in Mund.

Bishop Library

The Vernon and Doris Bishop Library has many resources and services for students. Bishop has five group study rooms, five quiet study rooms, a coffee shop, two classrooms, and ample study and lounge space. Visit their website for fall semester hours.

Follow us on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

The Center for Accessibility Resources

The Center for Accessibility Resources provides people with documented accessibility needs equal access to Lebanon Valley College programs, services, and activities. Students with documented accessibility needs should contact Erin Hannaford at 717-867-6071 or hannafor@lvc.edu to learn more about our services. 

Counseling Services

The Office of Counseling Services, now located on the second floor of Bishop Library, will be available for in-person and virtual appointments this fall. Call 717-867-6232 to speak with someone directly or email counselingservices@lvc.edu to schedule an appointment. Weekday open hours are 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. for in-person and 12-1 p.m. for online.

If you would prefer to speak with an upper-level student regarding any difficulty (i.e., homesickness, relationships, adjusting), 50/50 Peer Helpers are available by walk-in appointments at the office, calling 717-868-5050, or emailing 5050@lvc.edu. The 50/50 Peer Helpers host two weekend social/supportive groups that will meet in person this fall: “OASIS” (Overcoming Adverse Situations in School) and “60 Minutes.” For updates and healthy messaging, follow them on Instagram and Twitter at lvc_5050.

Study Abroad/Study Away

Off-campus study can greatly enhance your personal and professional development. You can study away for one week, a few weeks, or an entire semester and earn academic credits (up to 17 in total) through LVC-sponsored programs. We offer programs in Canada, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, and Spain. We offer full-semester internship programs in Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Program details can be found on our website.

New program locations are under consideration for future academic years. Speak with your academic advisor about the most suitable term for your off-campus study, and then contact the Center for Global Education to discuss the program options that best fit your major and interests. 

Drop by the office in the Breen Center located in the lower level of Mund, email Jill Russell at russell@lvc.edu, or call 717-867-6076 to schedule an advising appointment.