Pride of The Valley performs at Homecoming

Pride of The Valley

The College is proud to be home to the largest marching band in the Middle Atlantic Conference. More than 130 students from a vast variety of majors across campus proudly take the field with the Pride of The Valley each year.

Our band leads the charge with school spirit at our Dutchmen football games and executes their renowned halftime field show. 

The Pride of The Valley Marching Band also performs at various other events and competitions around Pennsylvania, including the Cavalcade of Bands Championships in Hershey, and helps run an annual Summer Band Camp.


Invitation to London

The Pride of The Valley Marching Band and alumni plan to participate in London’s New Year’s Parade at the turn of the year, 2022-23. In addition to performing in the parade, marching band members and alumni will be immersed in a full education program that includes visiting museums, historic sites, and places of architectural and artistic interest.

Meet Erica, one of the members of our Pride of The Valley. From growing up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania to finding her place at LVC and becoming a part of the campus community, hear Erica discuss how she realized she is her own person.