Interior of Miller Chapel

Sustained Interfaith Dialogue

Engle Family Lobby, Miller Chapel

Religion and Our Social Identities | Religion and Race

For more than 400 years, the human race has placed a heavy emphasis on the socially constructed feature of our identity that we call race. The issue of race has been particularly important in the economic, social, religious, and political development of society in the West. Historically the construction of race as a social category is deeply connected to Christianity and the rise of the United States as a nation, but race impacts all of us and has influenced every religious tradition. This week our panelists will get us started taking about their perception of how race and religion intersect in their experience and open the door for a dialogue in which we all hope to learn a little about how our different identities inform each other. This is one of the main goals of interfaith dialogues and our hope is to begin building bridges across the spaces that divides us and doors in the walls that separate us.

Light lunch will be served, so please be sure to register on Redbook! Should you have any questions, please contact Chappy A at

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