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Sustained Interfaith Dialogue Series (Religion & Gender)

Miller Chapel

Religion and Our Social Identities | Religion and Gender
The last decade or more has seen more debate about the nature of human gender, but it is a topic that religions have spoken to for our entire history. Traditional religions tend to divide our labor by gender. While most cultures have historically asserted there are two genders, counter examples are not hard to find. Indigenous cultures have long seen those outside the gender binary as touched by the divine. Hinduism recognizes, to some degree the third gender in the hijra. Science confirms for us that biological sex is not a simple as some suppose, which raises questions about gender. Recent years have seen a lot of debate about transgender people. This week our panelists will get us started taking about their perception of how gender and religion intersect in their experience and open the door for a dialogue in which we all hope to learn a little about how our different identities inform each other. Light lunch will be served, so please be sure to register on Redbook!

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