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Academic Success & Exploratory Majors

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LVC’s Center of Academic Success and Exploratory Majors provides comprehensive, student-centered academic support to all LVC students. The Center’s main services include one-on-one academic coaching, peer subject tutoring, peer writing conferencing, and advising for Exploratory (undeclared) majors. Our professional team works to empower students in their journey to becoming independent, life-long learners prepared to meet academic challenges and successfully complete courses and programs.

If you have any questions or concerns about receiving help, please contact us by calling 717-867-6078, emailing, or individually using the contact information here. We look forward to meeting you!

Academic Support

We are proud to offer comprehensive, peer-led support for LVC students, including Peer Tutoring (one-to-one and small group), Organizational Tutoring, Writing Tutoring, Writing Center Desk/Drop-In Hours, and FYE Writing Support.

Students can also work with an academic success coach on a weekly, bi-weekly, or one-off basis.

Exploratory Majors

More than one in 10 LVC students start as Exploratory majors. That just means they haven’t settled on an academic direction. In a place with as many options as LVC, you’ll have plenty of room to try out disciplines and find the right fit for you.

As an Exploratory major, you’ll team up with an advisor who will help you try out courses and electives tailored to your interests and goals. Our general education core curriculum ensures you’ll build the kind of universal skills needed to thrive no matter where your learning takes you.

of students change their major at least once before graduation
of students enter college undecided

In Their Words

To the CASEM staff, success is not only defined by your academic performance, but by your ability to be a well-rounded student, friend, and member of the LVC community. From offering aid in the classroom via mentorship and tutoring, to offering advice and a listening ear, the CASEM staff are there for their students’ needs each step of the way.
Cadence Funk ’27, Exploratory Major
What I love about CASEM is the versatility. If you need comfort, they’re there for you. If you need support, they’re there for you. If you need advice, they’re there for you. If you need a break because you are overwhelmed, they are there for you. Their dedication to the students and willingness to go above and beyond is astounding. No one is excluded. As a first-year student, I got off to a rocky start, and the CASEM crew was so helpful in getting me back on track and on the right path to success right away.
Manuel Rosario Martinez ’27, Exploratory Major
CASEM has helped me succeed since day one. The people in CASEM helped me request a tutor and they’ve always provided support. I’ve had academic coaching sessions, and I’ve found them extremely helpful. Overall, CASEM is a place I feel comfortable going to, and it’s been a resource I use almost every day!
Olivia Delgiacco ’26, Mathematics Major

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