Kaylee Haws ’24, a biochemistry & molecular biology major, is working toward a career as a physician assistant while at the same time assisting her community as a certified EMT.

Haws began her work in first response in February of her first year of college at the Annville-Cleona Fire Department.

“I remember chatting with the chief at the student engagement fair in September. He said volunteering could help me get into an EMT course,” Haws said.

To be considered a competitive applicant in her chosen field, Haws explained it was important to already have field hours and patient interaction under her belt before graduation. As a result, Haws started volunteering with the fire department while she enrolled in an EMT certification course.

“When I first joined the fire department, I didn’t have my EMT certification. I was assisting on calls and observing: learning how to interact with patients, read a scene, and provide appropriate interventions before the ambulance arrived,” Haws said.

In October 2021, Haws obtained her EMT certification and, in July 2022, accepted a position working on the ambulances at Penn State Health’s Life Lion Emergency Medical Services. Haws said the crew has about three or four 911 calls during a busy shift and one or two patient transports. Her other tasks include restocking the ambulance and completing charts.

“These experiences have taught me the importance of time management, giving your all, being motivated, and being always willing to learn,” Haws said.

Haws says that thanks to the support and encouragement of her department at LVC, she’s gained valuable knowledge on balancing a successful career.

“LVC is a very rigorous school, provides a very competitive education, and offers so many opportunities for every career path,” said Haws. Through LVC, I participated in chemistry and exercise science research, completed numerous volunteer and service opportunities, and joined and held leadership roles in several clubs and organizations.”

“I believe all this has allowed me to become a well-rounded individual. I have learned how to balance a busy academic course load, have fun, and be involved in campus and community life. I have also met so many wonderful people who have become my support system,” she said.

— Angelica Fraine ’23, Marketing & Communications Student Intern