Test-Optional Policy

Applicants for undergraduate admission are not required to submit standardized test scores. Students who choose not to submit scores must indicate so under the Lebanon Valley College general section of the Common Application or in the SAT/ACT Test section of the LVC application.

Applying to LVC test-optional will not affect your eligibility for LVC merit-based scholarships.


Score Submission

For students who do choose to submit scores, LVC accepts results from either the SAT or the ACT. Both are considered with equal importance. If you are unsure which test is best for you, talk with your high school counselor.

During the evaluation process, Lebanon Valley College uses only the evidence-based reading & writing (EBRW) and math portions of the SAT exam, and only the ACT composite score.



Lebanon Valley College considers the highest test scores received, either from the same test date or the highest score in each section, regardless of the date. This means that the admission committee considers the highest SAT evidenced-based reading & writing (EBRW) and highest math scores or the recalculated ACT composite score submitted, even if they were from different tests.


Self-reported Scores

To support access and reduce the cost of applying to college, Lebanon Valley College accepts self-reported standardized test scores. Students may self-report scores on their Common Application or their LVC application, email scores to admission@lvc.edu, or mail scores to the admission office. Students who ultimately enroll at LVC will be required to submit official test scores from the respective testing agencies or a high school official. Official scores will be reviewed to assure that there is no discrepancy between the self-reported and actual test scores. Please take note that the admission office verifies scores for all enrolling students, and any discrepancies found between official and self-reported scores may jeopardize a student’s place in the class or merit aid awarded.


Submitting Official Test Scores

Lebanon Valley College admission office accepts score reports as official when they are (1) listed on a student’s official high school transcript; (2) received via email, fax, or postal mail directly from a school counselor, principal, or other school official; or (3) sent directly from the College Board or ACT. LVC’s SAT and TOEFL testing code is 2364 and our ACT testing code is 3610.


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