Self-designed major Jess Charlton connected with alumni Jan White through the LVC alumni mentor program

About The Program 

At The Valley, we empower you to create a program that is unique as your interests are. Self-designed majors focus on the fields they find most interesting and craft a highly personalized, interdisciplinary program of study with the guidance of two faculty members who have a diverse set of scholarly interests and perspectives. The College and its faculty are willing to work with students to develop a program that satisfies their interests and fulfills the College’s major requirements.

Examples of recent self-designed majors include fashion buying and marketing, mathematics of finance, international business and economics, and nutritional psychology. With desirable, cross-disciplinary skills in several areas, students who graduate with a self-designed major often enjoy a competitive edge in the job market.

Why LVC?

  • Because of our faculty’s dedication to our students, self-designed majors, formerly known as individualized majors, have been offered at LVC for decades.
  • In keeping with the ideals of the liberal arts, the College and its faculty are willing to work with students to develop a program that satisfies student’s interests and fulfills the College’s major requirements.
  • With 40 majors to choose courses from, self-designed majors have a plethora of options from which to select and design a career path that works best for them.
  • Students interested in pursuing a self-designed major design a course of study that is relevant to the topic and endorsed by at least two faculty advisors. Self-designed majors work closely with these advisors as they advance through the major.
  • In an average year, approximately eight students pursue a self-designed major. Many also double minor or add a minor to increase their marketability after graduation.
  • Other examples of past self-designed majors include applied psychosocial theory, art and aging, chemistry and artifact conservation, environmental economics and policy, forensic sociology, interior and environmental design, psychology and creative therapy, and social media communication.

I chose classes that I knew would help me in the future and left a lot of room for other classes in digital communications and sociology that I thought would benefit me in the long run.

Marketing Manager, Black River Entertainment

Nikki Abbamont ’14, Self-Designed Entertainment Business Major