MAY 14

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 vaccines now available to all groups in PA. Let LVC know when you are fully vaccinated. Students are required to fill out the Symptom Tracker every day.

Nursing students

Admission Requirements

All admission candidates should have completed 15 credit units in a college preparatory program or higher and graduated from an accredited secondary school, or present an equivalency certificate (G.E.D.). Students who demonstrate academic success at Lebanon Valley College enter the College having fulfilled satisfactorily a high school curriculum that includes the following or similar components:

  • 4 credit units in English
  • 3 credit units in mathematics (that included algebra I, algebra II, and geometry)
  • 3 credit units in science (that included biology and physical science)
  • 3 credit units in social studies
  • 2 credit units in one foreign language

Application Procedure

Candidates for admission to Lebanon Valley College as first-year students must submit an application and official transcript of high school grades for all years of high school attendance. Most applicants do not need to submit standardized test results (SAT/ACT). However, some students may be required to submit SAT/ACT scores. Review our test-optional policy here for important exceptions.

Nursing Student Selection

All declared nursing students will be reviewed after completing their first-year courses for admission into the nursing sequence of courses that begins in the second year, second semester. At the end of the first year, the student will apply for acceptance into the nursing sequence of courses. The student must have earned the following:

  • Completion of 30 credit hours with an overall GPA of 3.0 in courses on the program plan of study.
  • Completion of 7 credits of First-Year Experience Courses; 3 credit hours of Psychology 110 and 3 credit hours of Psychology 220; 8 credit hours of Anatomy and Physiology; and 3 credit hours of Mathematics.
  • A grade of C or higher must be earned in the following courses: Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Mathematics. If there are more applicants than seats available, students with the highest cumulative GPA of the above required courses will be accepted until the seats are filled. If there are students with the same GPA then students will be admitted based on the date of their application into the nursing sequence of courses. Those students submitting their application first will be admitted first.
  • Once the application is accepted, the student must earn a C or higher in Chemistry 105/106 and Chemistry 111/113 by the end of the third semester of study.
  • Students may only repeat one of the required courses for admission one time to achieve the required C course grade.
  • Students will be notified during the first semester, second year of their acceptance into the Nursing Program.

The Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing reserves the right to deny a professional license to any applicant who has been convicted of a felony or any offense related to the use and sale of alcohol or controlled substances in Pennsylvania or any other state. The determination of licensure is a discretionary matter for the Board of Nursing.