Kurt Mace, computer and data science

A Forward-Thinking Degree for the New Data Economy

The modern economy runs on data. To succeed, organizations must have tools to collect and organize data, then build software systems that apply models to that data to find patterns and make informed predictions about the future. LVC’s Data Science Program develops technical expertise while also emphasizing flexibility and foundational skills that will enable you to adapt to new technologies and paradigms long after graduation.

LVC data science majors gain expertise in mathematics, statistics, and computer programming. They explore machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to build software systems trained to use data to see patterns that humans cannot. Examples include:

  • Software that can examine MRI scans to identify possible diseases
  • Tools that can analyze customer patterns and suggest products
  • Robots that can organize a warehouse for optimized logistics
  • Artificial intelligence that can learn from experience to drive a car
  • Systems that can evaluate current economic indicators and assess the risk of business decisions

Data Science at LVC

The LVC Data Science Program leverages our department’s decades-long expertise in mathematics, actuarial science, and computer science. The result is an interdisciplinary major that prepares graduates to take jobs in this rapidly growing field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics names data science as one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country, projecting 20% growth by 2030.

Students begin the program by laying a foundation in mathematics (with calculus and linear algebra), statistics, and computer programming. Along the way, they learn to use industry-standard tools for collecting and managing data. Through classroom experiences and individual and team projects, they learn how to build, evaluate, and deploy models that use this data to clarify uncertainty, assess new information, and inform decisions.

Choose Your Focus

Are you more interested in the programming side of things? Find the theory particularly engaging? Do you want to focus on business analytics and risk assessment? We’ve designed our data science major to be combined with our computer science, mathematics, or actuarial science majors in flexible ways, providing students with the ability to customize their program. What’s more, we’ve built the program so that you can decide on these combinations in your first couple of years at LVC and still finish with what you want on time.