Zerbe Summer Study Abroad Scholarship

Enhance Your Language Skills

Grace Zerbe, class of 1930, received her B.A. degree in English from Lebanon Valley College. She worked as a teacher and professor of Latin and French. The funds from the Hobson Zerbe Trust, which enable us to offer this scholarship, were donated for the “stimulation of the modern and classical foreign languages and improvement of international relations through good foreign language study.” The scholarship offers funding to students who wish to earn three (3) or more credits in a country where the language of the major or minor is the language of instruction.


  1. The scholarship can be used to cover tuition, room, board, books, school-related excursions, and/or program fees charged by the institution.
  2. The scholarships will be awarded to the most deserving applications, based on (1) academic achievement, as determined by Languages Department faculty and (2) need, as determined by the LVC Office of Financial Aid. Scholarships range from $1,000–$3,500.
  3. Feb. 1 is the application deadline.



  1. Applicants must be enrolled students in good academic standing at LVC and rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Recent graduates are not eligible. Students not returning to campus for the semester after their summer study abroad are ineligible.
  2. Applicants must have declared a major or minor in French, German, or Spanish.
  3. Applicants must apply the scholarship toward coursework outside the U.S., where the language of the major or minor is the language of instruction.
  4. Applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Scholarship recipients are encouraged to contact Jill Russell, director of the center for global education and chair of the Global Education Committee, for assistance with making travel reservations.

Students are encouraged to share their experiences via organized study abroad discussions, interviews for social media, and other means to help others gain a better understanding of study abroad.

Applications are reviewed and selected by Language Department faculty.

The application is available here.

Please contact Dr. Gabriela McEvoy, chair of languages, at mcevoy@lvc.edu with questions or to submit your application.