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Pre-Law Advising

If law school is in your plan for the future, LVC will help you get there. Our students are accepted into top-tier law schools because of the personal guidance they get from our program director.

Our pre-law advising team prepares you for the ins and outs of the application process—from taking the LSAT, to selecting your top-choice law schools, to equipping yourself with the foundational knowledge you need to succeed as a lawyer.

Learn More About the Program

Getting into law school takes planning. Show your future school’s admissions team that you understand the concepts and are committed to the field by adding one of our pre-law minors to your LVC major. Check out, too, our accelerated three-year London Law Certificate program in partnership with the University of London.

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Preparing for the LSAT and Law School Admission

Free LSAT Prep Resource

We encourage LVC pre-law students to take the free LSAT preparation course. Developed by the Law School Admission Council in partnership with Kahn Academy, this high-quality program sets you up for success on your LSAT.

LVC’s Philosophy

You can’t be too prepared for the LSAT—it’s the first step in determining the rest of your law school career. Before taking the exam, we strongly recommend taking the PHL 280 Logic course, in which you’ll learn how to make valid arguments and deconstruct invalid ones—essential skills for excelling in law school.

Building a Strong Application

While crucial, your LSAT is only one part of your law school application. Your GPA, transcript, letters of recommendation, and personal statement are also taken into account by law school admission counselors, meaning your time spent out of the classroom is as important as your time in it. Building relationships with your professors and holding a pre-law internship are recommended to strengthen your application.

In Their Words

My classes in logic are what pushed me to go to law school. I appreciated how LVC professors genuinely cared about me and were interested in my success. They were there for me to answer questions about assignments and share advice on graduate school and life.
Peyton Carper, Esq., ’16, Villanova Law School, Attorney, Skadden, Arts, Slate, Meagher & Flom

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