Mission, Goals, & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Lebanon Valley College Education Department develops knowledgeable and effective teachers that can problem solve and think critically about contemporary educational issues. All teaching certification candidates will implement the most current evidence-based practices, including current teaching methodologies, and educational technology. They value diversity and promote inclusiveness, and have genuine respect for those with whom they work. Our prospective teachers possess effective communication skills, a love for learning, and a sense of responsibility and service to their school community.


MSSE Program Goals

Program Goal 1

Educators will demonstrate understanding and application of best practices in STEM pedagogy.

Evidence for Goal 1:

  • The MSSE degree requires students to complete 9 credits of STEM principle courses focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • The courses include current topics, initiatives, and content in the STEM field. The courses reflect the most current trends. Current course offerings included Public Health K-12, Digital Mapping, and Sustainable Agriculture.


Program Goal 2

Educators will have the skills and tools to be leaders in STEM education.

Evidence for Goal 2:

  • All students enrolled in the MSSE will utilize the design process and a variety of resources to safely and efficiently develop solutions to problems that require integration of concepts and skills from multiple disciplines, including science, technology, engineering, math, language arts, social studies, arts and/or physical education.
  • All students will also apply learned skills to obtain grants, scholarships, and funding to support new STEM initiatives in their respective schools.


Program Goal 3

Educators will be prepared with real-world, hands-on experiences that can be immediately applied to their own educational setting.

Evidence for Goal 3:

  • The Integrative STEM certificate focuses on pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, and systemic reform in STEM education.
  • Through field experience and portfolio assessment, all students demonstrate understanding and application of best practices in STEM education.


Program Goal 4

Educators will inspire their students to become active and informed citizens in an ever-changing and complex world.

Evidence for Goal 4:

  • Students are required to collect artifacts through field practicum to demonstrate their exploration and use of technology, specifically when working with other disciplines such as history, language arts, etc.


For more information on learning goals and outcomes, contact institutionalresearch@lvc.edu.