Speech therapist student in Early Childhood Education Program works with a child patient.

The LVC Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders will offer assessment and treatment of the following communication disorders in children and adults:


Disorders of Sound Production

This may include articulation errors (sound substitutions or distortions) of individual sounds or errors involving phonological patterns (errors that occur in speech that follow patterns of production) that may impact multiple speech sounds. Disorders of sound production due to motor control may include childhood apraxia of speech, adult-acquired apraxia, or dysarthria.


Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders

Language disorders may impact speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Intervention can be provided to increase the length and complexity of utterances, expand receptive/expressive vocabulary, and improve phonological skills for literacy.



Fluency involves stuttering behaviors, cluttering, and fluency that is impacted by rate of speech.


Voice and Resonance

Impairments with voice may include difficulties with respiration and phonation for speech production, loudness levels, appropriate vocal pitch, and intonation. Resonance issues may include speech that is hypernasal or hyponasal. Voice and communication therapy for transgender clients available.


Communication Difficulties Associated with Autism

Along with receptive and expressive language difficulties, social aspects of communication including difficulty with social skills and challenging behaviors. Intervention may target developing more effective peer interaction skills, increasing communication, and providing behavior management strategies.



Services may include hearing screenings, treatment of speech or voice issues related to hearing impairments, or language delays due to hearing impairment.


Executive Functioning Skills

Evaluation and treatment of skill areas such as organization, time management, social skills, and planning/prioritizing tasks can be completed.


*We will also offer hearing screenings and evaluations.


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