Dr. Tomomi “T” Horning

Tomomi "T" Horning

Executive Director of the Edward and Lynn Breen Center for Career and Professional Development

B.S., Bentley University; M.S., Pennsylvania State University; D.B.A, Walden University

As a first-generation college student who achieved success in industry and academia, T brought a wealth of experience to the Breen Center for Career and Professional Development when she joined the team in July 2022. She is committed to positively impacting the campus and local community. She not only wants to see LVC students succeed, but she also wants Lebanon County to be a thriving community in which to raise her children.   

T feels LVC’s small size is its biggest asset. Building on her experience working in higher education, she prefers the flexibility a small private institution affords her to innovate. Unlike larger schools, LVC has minimal bureaucracy, allowing easy implementation of new ideas. In her first year at LVC, T collaborated with faculty and departments across campus to organize LVC’s first Success Expo. This event combined a job fair, professional development workshops, and mentoring opportunities with alumni. The event was tremendously successful, and LVC is excited to continue and expand the event.  

On a personal level, T appreciates the sense of community that LVC’s size fosters. It allows faculty and staff to know and build impactful relationships with the students. She is also impressed by the kindness and good-natured spirit of the students. The camaraderie is evident when the campus community joins to support one another or serve off-campus, locally and globally. 

T immigrated to the United States from Japan when she was five, so she is gifted with English as her second language. She and her husband are beekeepers, harvesting 250-300 lbs. of honey annually with plans to expand their colonies. In her free time, T is constantly in motion. She is frequently at the gym for her favorite workouts, P90x and Insanity. She also plays volleyball year-round and coaches girls’ recreational soccer. 


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  • Presented at Cardiovascular Credentialing International Educator’s Forum in 2021 and 2019. 
  • Presented at Online Learning Consortium Accelerate convention, 2018. 


  • 2014 Stoudt Excellence in Teaching Award from the Pennsylvania College of Health Services