Dr. Rachel Albert

Rachel Albert

Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, LVC Baby Lab

Email: ralbert@lvc.edu

Phone: 717-867-6192

Office Location: Clyde A. Lynch 287-F

Website: https://lvcbabylab.weebly.com/

B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University; Ph.D., Cornell University

Child Development, Infant Language Learning, Parenting

Dr. Rachel Albert is an associate professor of psychology at Lebanon Valley College and the director of the LVC Baby Lab. She received her Ph.D. in child development from Cornell University and specializes in infant language learning. She studies when and how parents react to infant vocalizations and how infants learn from those reactions. At LVC, Dr. Albert is the faculty advisor of the Psychology Club and Psi Chi International Honor Society.




  • Casella, R., Hartsock, J., & Albert, R.R. (March, 2024). Are Your Eyes Telling Lies? Investigating the believability of AI-generated images of children. Poster presented at the Eastern Psychological Association’s annual meeting, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Hartsock, J., Casella, R., Geary, M. & Albert, R.R. (March, 2024). Do infants’ eyes influence mothers’ ears when interpreting infant vocalizations?  Poster presented  at the Eastern Psychological Association’s annual meeting, Philadelphia, Pa.


Media Coverage:

  • General Psychology (PSY 110)
  • Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 211)
  • Lifespan Development (PSY 220)
  • Developmental Psychology (PSY 238)
  • Analytical Seminar: Human Development. (PSY 320)
  • Senior Seminar (PSY 430)
  • First-Year Seminar: Crib to College
  • Connective Seminar: Myths of Memory