Beth Julian

Beth Julian ’09

Assistant Dean for Student Success and Retention


Phone: 717-867-6120

Office Location: Mund 003C

B.A., Lebanon Valley College; M.A., Pennsylvania State University

American Studies, Composition/Writing

Beth graduated from Lebanon Valley College in 2009 during the Great Recession with bachelor’s degrees in English and French. Unsure of what to do next and the prospect of a dubious job market, she applied to graduate school and entered a master’s program in American studies three days after graduating from LVC. While she worked on her master’s, Beth explored a myriad of career options. She was a tutor, a substitute teacher, an office assistant, and a freelance writer. She worked at a publishing company, applied, and was accepted to nursing school, but decided against it. Beth then worked on a secondary teacher certification. All the while, she also considered pursuing her Ph.D.

She kept in contact with her academic advisor at LVC, who asked if Beth would consider teaching a first-year composition course once she completed her studies. In the spring of 2012, Beth taught her first college course, starting her career in higher education. She’s served in various roles on campus: adjunct professor, director of the writing center, teaching fellow, and director of the Center for Writing and Tutoring resources. Currently the assistant dean of student success and retention, Beth still teaches at least one class every semester.

Beth considers herself “the poster child for exploratory majors” and empathizes with students who are anxious because they haven’t decided on a career. She is proud of the comprehensive support system LVC has created for exploratory majors. Since 75 percent of college students nationwide change their major at least once, she feels not declaring a major is a smart and calculated choice. LVC advisors debunk the myth that high school seniors must have their entire career path mapped out when they apply for college.

LVC encourages students to explore and take advantage of opportunities on and off campus to help them find what they are most passionate about. Exploratory majors have their own unique First Year Experience course with a curriculum designed by Sarah Bartz, LVC’s director of academic access, who has a background in career development. Each assignment builds on the previous one, culminating with a final paper and project where students design and present their career action plan. Beth’s mantra to her students is, “Embrace the chaos.”

Beth is creative, and while she wishes she was a better painter or artist, her talents lie in building and creating things. She also enjoys a challenge. An example Beth gives is gardening, which she enjoys and continues to do, even though her plants never survive. Other hobbies include coming-of-age literature, cooking and eating different ethnic foods, watching a well-crafted movie or TV show, and enjoying time with friends and family.


  • Nevelyn J. Knisley Award – for Instructional Excellence and Community Service (2017)
  • The Frank Aftosmes Athletic Service Award – for dedication and loyalty to LVC Athletics family (2017)


  • Saint-Ybars by Alfred Mercier. Translation, Introduction, and Notes by Elizabeth A. Julian. Editions Tintamarre, Centenary College of Louisiana Press (2015). 978-0985734565.



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  • AMS 328: Film & the American Identity
  • COE 228HU: A Change Is Gonna Come (bildungsroman genre course)
  • ENG 111: English Communications I
  • ENG 112: English Communications II
  • ENG 221: American Literature I
  • ENG 222: American Literature II
  • ENG 226: Survey of British Literature II
  • ENG 227: Survey of World Literature I
  • ENG 228: Survey of World Literature II
  • FRN 102: Language & Culture in the French-Speaking World
  • FYE 111: America on Film
  • FYE 111: Making Major Decisions (for Exploratory majors only)
  • FYE 111C: First-Year Experience I Companion
  • FYE 112C: First-Year Experience II Companion
  • IME 210: Theory & Pedagogy of Tutoring
  • ITG 499: Pivotal Texts