Merit badges

Lebanon Valley College uses MeritPages from readMedia to publicize your achievements and activities on and off campus – such as studying abroad, making the dean’s list, or winning a scholarship. creates personalized stories about these accomplishments, publishes them online at, and sends them to your hometown newspapers. This makes sure you get credit for the good work you’re doing on campus and in the community, which helps with summer jobs, internships, and even job interviews and references after graduation.

It’s sort of like getting badges from Foursquare/SCVNGR/GetGlue except that these badges are for real accomplishments instead of just walking around or watching a TV show.

Your achievements are already on, and Lebanon Valley College will email you a notification with a link to your online achievement each time you earn a new one.

What is
  • All of your online achievements are verified with a badge of approval from LVC. MeritPages then gathers all of your achievements into a profile that represents the beginning of a professional online resume.
  • Your online achievements demonstrate to the world that you’ve really accomplished important things at LVC. Because every story is made to rank well in web searches and easy to share in social networks, employers or grad schools will find them when they Google your name.
  • You can enhance your MeritPages profile by uploading your photo to make it more personal.
  • You and your family can really help get this “good stuff” in front of employers and graduate schools by liking them, tweeting them, linking to them (on blogs or other websites), posting them to Tumblr, and whatever else you can think of.
  • You can also input your own achievements, such as activities, internships, volunteerism, and work experience.
Why is important for students?
  • helps people who make decisions about internships, graduate school, and jobs find the “good stuff” about you by recognizing your accomplishments with badges that show that they’re genuine. It’s like having an online version of your diploma!
  • Your profile creates a positive online identity for post-graduation success. Seventy-five percent of companies research applicants online, and 70% have rejected applicants based on what they found. LVC and help give you a leg up in the job search process.
Faculty & Staff MeritPage Submissions

Submit student accomplishments to Ali Wenger, content strategist. Think about research presentations and publishing, conference attendance, departmental honor societies and awards, service-learning initiatives, academic trips, volunteer activities, etc. The best hometown news releases include multiple students.

Use the below template to submit lists of student accomplishments. Simply save it to your computer, input the required information, and return to If you don’t know all of the information, that’s ok. With the students’ LVC email address, we can track down the missing pieces.