Mission, Goals, & Objectives


The Center for Global Education (CGE) sets out to expand the education of students by living and learning in settings where diversity is the norm and cultural understanding is the most valuable currency. The bridge between cultures is created here, and students benefit from direct exchange of ideas and collaborating throughout campus, inevitably preparing them for a more diverse and global society.

Goal & Outcomes

Students will develop intercultural knowledge and competency through a study abroad experience.


  • During the most recent year LVC sent students on study abroad programs (2019-20), most students reported that the culture, country, and region of study were dramatically different from what they experienced in the U.S.
  • All 2019-20 semester students reported living like a typical resident of the host city, and all felt well-immersed in their host cultures.
  • Most students traveled extensively around the host country and beyond, and those who traveled reported learning a great deal from their independent travels. Planning travel either independently or with a group allows for growth in many world-ready skills including problem solving, adaptability, flexibility, communication, financial awareness, and risk-taking.
  • All students felt that the experiences they had while abroad caused them to change their understanding of how people around the world view the United States. As a result of these areas of growth, all students reported the ability to provide a unique and useful perspective on issues discussed in LVC classes upon their return.
  • All students indicated that their understanding of, appreciation, and respect for other cultures including their host culture significantly changed, and all students reported that they have more appreciation and respect for cultures and societies unlike their own as a result of study abroad.