Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is responsible for the management, operation, and support of the College's computer and communications systems. This includes the campus network and Internet connection, more than a dozen servers, over 800 desktop and laptop computers, as well as the College's telephone system, wireless phones,and two-way radio systems.

Information Technology is also responsible for the Dutchman OneCard system, and for the College's administrative information systems used for registration, billing, financial aid, student recruiting, and fund raising.

Staff members from Information Technology, Audiovisual Technology and the Library work together to support faculty and students engaged in the teaching and learning process.

Responsibility for the College's Web presence is a collaborative effort as well. A team of individuals from Information Technology and Marketing & Communications handles website operations and development while a committee with representatives from the administration and faculty recommends website policies and standards.

Questions or Problems?
During business hours call the Information Technology Solutions Center at 717-867-6072. After hours report a widespread or critical problem to Public Safety (717-867-6111) and an officer will contact someone in Information Technology.

For articles, training materials, and other online resources, please visit the IT HelpDesk and Solutions Center.