Isabella Getz ’24 dreams of one day holding a leadership position in marketing or design in the fashion or beauty industry. Clark Associates, one of LVC’s professional career partners, is helping Getz chase her goals by providing valuable internship experience.

Getz, a Business Administration major with a minor in Marketing, has completed internships in various departments with Clark Associates during the summer and fall. Clark Associates is a national leader of equipment, supplies, and service for the food service industry.

“Building on the values instilled in me by Clark Associates—such as a commitment to growth, learning, excellence, and humility—I aspire to contribute to a company that aligns with these principles,” said Getz of her career aspirations. “Working for a brand that I love and admire, especially in an industry that resonates with my passion for aesthetics and design, would be a dream come true.”

During Getz’s first internship with Clark, she created e-learning content and videos while working with the Corporate Training and Development Team. Because the internship offered a flexible structure, Getz explored multiple areas of the company and became intrigued by the design work and collaborative spirit of the Platform Team. Getz parlayed that interest into a fall internship in that area.

“My fall internship on the Platform Team involved immersing myself in the history of Clark National Accounts and understanding the dynamics between different departments,” said Getz. “Working on QuickSupply [the streamlined distribution channel catering to major franchise partners like Chick-fil-A, Subway, and Raising Cane’s] exposed me to huge clients. As a design and marketing intern, I played a crucial role in ensuring brand consistency across multiple channels. This included designing one-pager policy documents, creating sales presentations, managing the company merch shop, and publishing the monthly company newsletter.”

Getz’s journey with Clark Associates will continue with a design and marketing internship this spring. She will build upon her previous experiences and collaborate more closely with the team’s design and marketing specialist.

As she heads toward graduation, Getz shares three key takeaways for younger students to consider that may be important in their future career paths.

Soft skills play a pivotal role in professional success. “A sense of curiosity and humility has been a driving force in my journey. Embracing the fact that there is always more to learn and grow, and maintaining a hunger for knowledge, is a quality I observed in the leadership at Clark Associates.”

Making intentional connections. “My internship opportunities were the result of connections I made. My initial interest in the company was sparked by being an LVC student. This shows the importance of attending events by the Breen Center, staying active on platforms like LinkedIn and Handshake, and seeking guidance from your academic advisor.”

Navigating change can be intimidating. “College was a huge transition for me, but the people at LVC played a huge role in making it feel like home. Professors like Dr. [Treva] Clark [Chair of Accounting, Business, and Economics, and International Business] have been unwavering pillars of support, contributing to my academic and professional development. The people I’ve connected with at LVC have made a lasting impact, and I will forever be grateful for the sense of community they’ve created.”