International Student Orientation

Pre-semester orientation is a great way for students to get accustomed to life at LVC before all other new students arrive on campus.

LVC offers a three-day orientation to welcome new international students. It begins a few days prior to new student orientation. This required program includes resources to help international students adjust socially, culturally, and academically. Sessions include tutoring resources, ESL, plagiarism, campus tours, a MyLVC tutorial, immigration responsibilities, on-campus employment, and mental and physical health.


Arrival Form and Pick-up Service

LVC will provide a complimentary airport/train/bus pickup service for any student who arrives at the Harrisburg International Airport or Harrisburg Amtrak Station/Greyhound Bus Terminal. Students who arrive earlier or later than this time period will need to find alternative transportation to LVC. Students with on-campus housing assignments will receive information regarding a specific move-in date for their residence hall.

Please complete the Arrival Itinerary, which allows you to sign up for orientation, list your flight/travel information, and request airport/train/bus pick-up service. If you arrive before or after the time frame indicated for orientation or fail to complete this form, you will need to find alternative transportation to LVC. Unfortunately, there are no direct trains or buses to campus. Taxi services are available at the airport and train station but can cost anywhere from $35–$65.

Please note that while the Philadelphia International Airport is located in Pennsylvania, there is not a free airport pick-up service located for this 1.5 hour drive. There is, however, an Amtrak train route from Philadelphia to Harrisburg that could be an option for you to consider. If you decide to use the train, please consider purchasing the train ticket well in advance, so you are aware of the time schedules and fees.