About International Business at LVC

Combine the study of business with global studies, language, and international experiences as you deepen your knowledge of cultures, economies, politics, and societies.

You will benefit from existing relationships with local, regional, national, and global organizations and institutions that are eager to hire LVC students, particularly for internships. You can also double major with global studies (only 9–12 additional credits) to develop a skill set applicable to careers that will take you around the world and connect you with cultures near and far.

Why International Business at LVC?

  • Learn about management challenges in the international environment and techniques for addressing them through management, marketing, finance, and other functional areas in international business.
  • Add a second major in economics, global studies, languages, or the social sciences to focus your studies on your career goals and interests.
  • Understand how organizations adapt resources (including people), processes, and structures to a global business context.
  • Identify sources of globalization and understand globalization’s major effects on individuals, institutions, and organizations.

The LVC International Business Program offered many opportunities. Utilizing core knowledge attained through coursework, I completed a micro-finance internship in Uganda, Africa, which included the composition of a Business Literacy course for micro-lenders.

Self-designed, Global Studies Double Major

Patrick Maxwell ’17