LVC students present research at annual Inquiry Symposium


Inquiry 2022 began on Thursday, April 21, and concluded on Thursday, April 28, with the Inquiry Symposium, a signature event showcasing LVC students’ diverse talents. At the symposium, undergraduates from every academic department displayed their work to an audience of faculty, peers, Trustees, and administrators.

2022 Student Displays by Department
  • Nayab Baloch & Lucas Guzman
    “Understanding the molecular mechanisms of acute alcohol consumption post-concussion”
  • Marly Aziz
    “Genetic reduction of Munc13-1 does not offer protection from the acute alcohol post-concussion period”
  • Nayab Baloch & Lucas Guzman
    “Ethanol sensitivity post-traumatic brain injury (TBI)”
  • Nayab Baloch & Ainsley Buia
    “The effects of alcohol consumption after traumatic brain injury”
  • Liberty Geist
    “The Impact of Microplastics on Freshwater Zooplankton”
  • Ardit Sekiraqa
    “The Collective Memory of Stress and How it Has Changed Over Time”
  • Matthew Custer & Madeline Gingrich
    “Neutral Homoplectic Gold(I) Complexes for Light-Emitting Applications”
  • Lindsay Keiser
    “Ionic Coinage Metal (I) Complexes for Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells”
  • Katie Kimbark & Robert Moul
    “Synthesis of Novel Adenosine 2b Receptor Antagonists”
  • Fatima Madondo
    “Luminescent Hydrogels: Polyelectrolytic Complexation of Positively Surface Charged Polymer with Anionic Gold(I) Phosphors”
  • Mikiah Sangrey
    “Synthesis, Characterization, Photophysical Properties, and Coordination Chemistry of Three-Coordinate Cationic Gold(I) Complexes”
  • Spencer Sattazahn
    “Gold(I) Thiolate Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Biomedical Applications”
  • Aimee Bealer
    “Gender and Eating Disorders (COE Interdisciplinary Project)”
  • Hannah Benson
    “The Consequences of Forbidden Love”
  • Nivedita Dubey
    “Philadelphia and 120 Battements Par Minute: A Film Analysis”
  • Kya Ford
    “Why do women encounter more sexual violence than men? (COE Interdisciplinary Research Paper)”
  • Madelyn Frank
    “Gender and Communication Disorders”
  • Haley Gonzalez
    “Sexual Assault within the United States Military”
  • Megan Merritt
    “How does gender effect anxiety?”
  • Madison Parrott 
    “A Woman’s Place: The Role of Women in Music Through History and Today”
  • Madison Pillsbury
    “Musical Worship and Its Prevalence in the Christian Faith”
  • Benjamin Ramsaroop-Jaimungal
    “Formation of Gender in the Modern Era”
  • Bridget Rutkowski
    “What is the right age to allow gender confirmation surgery?”
  • John Joseph Polhill
    “An Examination of why Fewer Men Identify as Bisexual”
  • Gillian Wenhold
    “All Men are Created Equal[with a strikethrough]: Implications of the Censorship and Misinformation of Racial History Within American Public Schools”
  • Dominic Alunni, Chloe Glass, Trenton Moody & Austen Zimmerman
  • Andrew Brown, Brianna Eberly, Samantha Ile & Kayleigh Johnson
  • Brandon Kemmery, Kaleb Longenecker, Alyssa Matheus & Sofia Pascuzzo
    “Capstone project: RoomEZ”
  • Parker Gallagher, Adrian Glasmyre, Sarah Papson & Jennifer Valent
  • Cassidy Anderson, Robert Bonnaci, Kayla Border, Harold Bowman, Angelo Bracero, Briley Cox, MaKenzie Cuthie, Kyle Doremus, Tyler Franquet, Samantha Ile, Paul Keesler, Jonathan Lam & Brendan Landry
    “‘One More Moment’: Suicide Prevention Media in partnership with WITF”
  • Luke Bruneli, Amberly Eisenhuth, Breana Leonard, Austin Smith & Jacob Triano
    “Hyper Amusement”
  • Alice Thorsen, Veronica Venezia & Emilie Whitewolf
    “Using Motion Capture to Develop an Individualized Avatar”
  • Karli Averill
    “How can teachers improve on giving direct instruction to students?”
  • Holly Balchunas
    “Nonverbal Cues”
  • Mackenzie Geesaman
    “Supporting Struggling Math Learners”
  • Sydney Lelit
    “Tommy, the Unsentimental.”
  • Jacob Beidler & Erin Ziegler
    “The Effects of Deer, Light, and Competition on Podophyllum peltatum”
  • Megan Bisco
    “Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates to Indirectly Determine Water Quality”
  • Brandon Heidelbaugh
    “The Effect of Sooty Mold Growth Resulting from the Invasion of the Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) on Shrub Leaf Herbivory”
  • Marly Aziz, Nayab Baloch, Rachel Gibson, Kaylee Haws & Hadassah Polydore
    “Attitudes toward Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in the Lebanon Valley Campus Community”
  • Amberly Carter
    “Business Blueprint”
  • Sam Dardzinski
    “Motor Recruitment and Reflex”
  • Ethan Filbert
    “Stretch Reflex in Countermovement and Squat Jumps”
  • Damian Martinez
    “A Runner’s World”
  • Taylor Speicher
    “Client Case Study: Home Exercise Education throughout Cardiac Rehab”
  • Alexander Wiggins
    “Does increasing resistance on an exercise bike change the time it takes to recruit muscle fibers of the lower leg”
  • Amy Winger
    “Skin Tone Representation in Clinical Texts: Objective Measure of Foundations of Kinesiology and Biomechanics”
  • Ryan Dennehy
    “Rich, Poor, and Poorer: Measuring Relative Poverty in the United States”
  • William Harriger
    “Flowers v. Mississippi”
  • Tanner Haynes
    “Libertarianism and the Law of Nature”
  • Allison Jedrzejek
    “Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: An analysis of judicial interpretation regarding constitutional questions of executive power and independent agencies”
  • Mason Jerden
    “NCAA v. Alston”
  • Marcus Walko
    “Who Was Governor Dick?”
  • Lauren Walters
    “June Medical Services v. Russo (2020)”
  • Juan Amador
    “National Heroine: María Elena Moyano’s Courageous Fight in Peru”
  • Amber Arnold
    “Words as Weapons: The Slogans of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo in Argentina”
  • Marly Aziz
    “Congenital Heart Defects in Colombia”
  • Leila May
    “Le Cinéma Queer de Celine Sciamma: Tomboy et Naissance des Pieuvres (Celine Sciamma’s Queer Cinema)”
  • Grace Parks
    “Effects of World War II through the perspective of the Peruvian intellectual Mercedes Gallagher de Parks”
  • Hadassah Polydore
    “HealthCare System in Haiti”
  • Julia Resele
    “Mercedes Gallagher de Parks: A Hidden Gem in the Peruvian Feminist Movement”
  • Jesse Arnold & Ashley Swogger
    “States Invariant Under Permutation Subgroups”
  • Petra Castellano & Alydia Marangoni
    “Advanced Applied Conducting: Collaborating with Living Composers”
  • Jacob Franklin
    “Formation of Continuous Lithium Niobate Single Crystals in Lithium Niobosilicate Glass Via Femtosecond Laser Irradiation”
  • Ben Gordon
    “Analysis of Azimuthal Modulations in Unpolarized Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering”
  • Olivia Magneson
    “Phase-selective laser-induced crystallization of lead bismuth gallate glass”
  • Michel Malda
    “QCD Global Analysis of Single Transverse-Spin Asymmetries”
  • Ashley Dotey, Molly Faron, Sydney Fitzgerald, Margaret Mailey, Lou Manza, Sydney Petrasic & Jordan Stum
    “Intellectual Humility: Connections to Reasoning, Cognitive Attitudes, and Irrational Beliefs”
  • Mallory Anderson, Shelby Anderson, Julia Gabriel, Amber Kintzer, Samantha Paradise & Sophie Stranick
    “Grit: Connections to Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Cognitive Processing, and Aging”
  • Ariana Ansel
    “How Do We Decide With Whom We Empathize?”
  • Amber Arnold
    “The Effects of Religiosity and Political Views on Environmental Attitudes”
  • Courtney Metz
    “Living in a Social World: The Effects of Social Connectedness and Work Type on General Happiness”