View of Inquiry Symposium poster event from above


Inquiry 2023

Inquiry 2023 began on Tuesday, April 11, starting with the Phi Alpha Epsilon Induction ceremony and concluded on Thursday, April 27, with the Inquiry Symposium, a signature event showcasing LVC students’ diverse talents. At the symposium, undergraduates from every academic department displayed their work to an audience of faculty, peers, Trustees, and administrators.

Phi Alpha Epsilon

To be inducted into Phi Alpha Epsilon, students must have a cumulative grade-point-average of at least a 3.60, complete at least 45 credits of coursework at LVC, and achieve the “bronze” level of service as determined by LVC’s Office of Community Service. Students receive a certificate acknowledging membership into the College’s honor society, and receive a pin depicting two keys, one representing learning; the other, service.  These are fundamental tenets of our college mission.

Congratulations to all inductees.

Karli Averill
Holly Balchunas
Emily Bartlett
Aimee Bealer
Gabriella Boyer
Nicholas Bradley
Abigail Browne
Isabella Calderone
Madison Carper
Hayley Cowles
Jillian Croft
Alexa Deinnocentiis
Nivedita Dubey
Amanda Evans
Sierra Fields
Hope Fisher
Mackenzie Geesaman
Rachel Gibson
Emily Graeff
Madeline Grisbacher
Louise Nicole Honrade
Livia Jackson
Allison Jones
Danielle Judd
Madisen Keim
Cortney Kieffer
Kennedy Kuffa
Morgan Landis
Reagan Little
Maxwell Loga
Andrew Loy
Olivia Magneson
Amelia Mantione
Alyssa Matheus
Jonah Mathias
Victoria McClain
Mary McClelland
Courtney Metz
Andrew Miles
Tate Murphy
Leslie O
Natalie Osiecki
Samantha Paradise
Grace Parks
Alyssa Peiffer
Madison Pillsbury
Katie Pounder
Renee Rambler
Julia Rill
Emily Rouse
Victoria Scurto
Yonaira Seguinot
Taylor Seifert
Darby Seymour
Hannah Shirey
Nicholas Simon
Lauren Sprague
Daelyn Stabler
Abigail Sweger
Ashley Swogger
Zoe Thompson
Tuyen Tran
Dain Vallie
Paige Vennie
Christiana Wagner
Griffin Weidler
Amy Winger
Jaime Youngkin

2023 Student Displays by Department

  • Dunc-13’s affect on alcohol sensitivity after traumatic brain injury: Sara Collevechio, Raegan Laszczyk and Gina Natale
  • Adverse Effects of Road Salt on Freshwater Wetland Plant Species: Rachel Helt
  • Allelochemical Properties of Invasive Plants on Seed Germination: Vince Ferrizzi
  • Comparison of cell viability between cisplatin and Au(TPA)Spy treated PC12 cells: Allison Jones and Katherine Kimbark
  • The Role of Tau on Acute Alcohol Consumption Post TBI: Ainsley Buia, Sara Collevechio, Lucas Guzman and Raegan Laszczyk
  • My Internship at Keller Williams Realty: Cashana’ Cooper
  • Why an Internship Could Benefit You: Mackenzie Brobst and Jered Stevenson
  • Disentangling the Effects of Intermolecular Forces and Stereochemistry on Impact Resistant Polymers: Ruby Deeter
  • Experimental Design and Chemometrics in Undergraduate Quantitative Analysis Lab: Emily Manna
  • Investigation into the Cannizzaro reaction of HMF Utilizing Computational Chemistry Methods: Bruno Mochi
  • Art Authentication: What is it and why is it relevant?: Lindsay Keiser
  • Bullying, Brain Chemistry, & Buffalo Bill: The Causes of Suicidality Among Trans People: Cor Weaver
  • Crafts and their associated genders: Kacandra Joy
  • Effects of Gender Bias of Leadership on the Gender Wage Gap in the Healthcare Field: Emily Pirone
  • FYE-111H Create Project: The Stakes of Sustainability: Brooke Lehrman
  • Gender Disparities Within Adoption: Sarah Kramer
  • Inequalities in Mental Health Care Between Men and Women: Courtney Smith
  • Justification for sex-based division of sport: Hope Davis
  • Leadership Across Cultures: Hope Fisher and Benjamin Ramsaroop-Jaimungal
  • Political Anthems: Distinction in Musicality from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter: Sarah Honsel and Kaitlyn Snyder
  • Why Are There So Few Women in Higher-Level Management?: Valerie Bildheiser
  • Why Girls are Diagnosed Less with Autism Spectrum Disorder than Boys: Cheyenne Lehman
  • Why is there more men in blue-collar jobs?: Brody Robinson
  • Why more Bisexual Women are Sexually Assaulted: Sydney Frey
  • Applying 3D Scanned Characters to Avatars: Garrett Evans, Andrew Steckel, Veronica Venezia, and Alexander Wiggins
  • DrinksUp: Colin Brophy, Briley Cox, Brody Johnston, Jon Lam, and Alice Thorsen
  • LaceLock: Carson Frey, Kyle Golden, Collin Jones, and Ben Weathersby
  • Sharecipe: Cal Heffner, Shelby Lister, Cassidy Reed, and Rob Rhoads
  • TchotchKey: Aimee Bealer, Robert Bonnaci, Matthew Guarini, and Shelby Moyer
  • Upvert: Aaron Bucher, Jayden Cramer, Brendan Landry, and Nevaeh Puryear
  • Effectiveness of Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Redirection Cues: Madison Reynolds
  • Improvement of Math Content with Manipulative Math Mats: Maddyrae Kotomski
  • Small Group Phonics Instruction at 2R ARC Reading Level: Lauren Butz
  • States of Matter – A Hands-On Learning Experience: Rachel Ludwig
  • The Benefit of Math Stations on Student Achievement: Karli Averill
  • Why is there more men in blue-collar jobs?: Brody Robinson
  • Exploring the Impact of Herbivory and Resource Augmentations on Herbaceous Communities in a Forested Ecosystem: Jake Beidler
  • Water Quality Issues Across Pennsylvania: Abigal Sausser and Emily Sausser
  • Cardiac Rehab CABG Case Study: Vylinh Nguyen, Eric Sees, and Hannah Whitt
  • Changes in Center of Gravity Changes in During Different Types of Walking: Garrett Evans
  • Comparing Calculated and Estimated Center of Mass Trajectories during Sit-to-Stand: Peyton Nagy
  • CRE4Fitness: Hayley Burke
  • Doppler Radar in Human Movement: A Literature Review of Typical Movement Tasks: Brandon Stasulli
  • Drug Education: Sydney Zimmerman
  • Exercise Progressions and Modifications: Kaley Brennan
  • EXOS Practicum Experience: Alec Singer
  • Gym Safety Education for Elderly Clients: Madison Kincaid
  • Importance of Proper Lifting Form: Devin Crone
  • In-season vs. Off-season Training for Baseball: Alexander Sabo and Griffin Weidler
  • Lebanon Valley College Women’s Lacrosse: A Year-Long Workout Plan: Garrett Thomas
  • Northern Lebanon High School-Weight Room Fitness Testing: William Fisher
  • Off-season Baseball Programming and Testing: Alexander Sabo and Griffin Weidler
  • Palmyra High School – Weight Room Unit: Ryan Miller
  • Plié-ing with Parkinson’s: The Benefits of Dance-Based Exercise in Parkinson’s Patients and Other Retirement Community Populations: Katelyn Huey
  • Power Train Lancaster: Maddie Carper
  • Practicum Case Study: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Cardiac Rehab: Elizabeth Leedy
  • Predictors of Children Identified with Developmental Language Disorders Versus Late Talkers: A Systematic Review: Karlee Martin
  • RMU Strength and Conditioning: James McLaughlin, Arturo Ramirez Guzman, and Rhyle Strausbaugh
  • Springing Forward Into Summer: Connor Williams
  • Stepping Performance Measured by a Micro-Doppler Radar: Kaitlyn Belfield and Emily Jones
  • Stress Education of Sixth Grade Students: Karah Snyder
  • The Pursuit of Independence & Physical Confidence Through Fitness: A Case Study: Amy Winger
  • A Deeper Look into Russia‚Äôs Balkan Attacks: A Case Study on Kosovo: Hannah Alvarnaz
  • An Analysis of West Virginia v Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Ariana Genna
  • Analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals: Angelina Coleianne
  • Case Analysis: Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta: Samantha Paradise
  • Originalism in the SCOTUS: What this means for present & future: Matthew Davis
  • Second Amendment Case Law: Matthew Davis
  • The Constitutionality of Self-Defense: A Study of Bruen and the Second Amendment: Matthew Davis
  • United States v Zubaydah: An Analysis: Christopher Moore
  • Alternatives to the Masculine Generic: The Wide World of Inclusive Spanish: Amber Arnold
  • Werner States from Diagrams: Jack Putnam and Adam Rilatt
  • VALE Records 2023: Christian Horta, Nina McPherson and Alexis Seidenstricker
  • Building a Confocal Raman Microscope for Material Science Research: Justin Deshong, Jacob March, Jacklyn Martin, and Tristan Rosenberry
  • Numerical Study of the Twist-3 Asymmetry A LT in Single-Inclusive Electron-Nucleon and Proton-Proton Collisions: Brandon Bauer and Cody Shay
  • Optimization and Validation of a Multimodal (kVCT and MRI) Method for Electron Density Calculations: Olivia Magneson
  • Correlating Chicken Ownership with Vegetarianism Threat, MDMQ Scores, PALS, and more: Rachel Casella, Jordyn Hartsock, Margaret Mailey, Igor Osadchyi and Mychaela Pitta
  • Does Infant Gaze While Babbling Change Parental Perception of Speech Maturity? A Pilot Study: Melissa Geary
  • Infant Vocalizations Shape the Sensitivity of Childcare Educators’ Language: Melissa Geary, Taylor Graham and Hanna Meter
  • Predicting Grit Through Ascription of Responsibility and Other Modes of Thinking: Molly Faron, Julia Gabriel, Tori Hunyara, Samantha Paradise, Sophie Stranick, and Alexandra Ward
  • Predicting Intellectual Humility and Rational/Irrational Beliefs Via Perceptions of Cultural Systems: Mallory Anderson, Julia Forsythe, Margaret Keough, Margaret Mailey, Jordan Stum
  • The Short-Term Effects of Social Media & Gaming on Health: Preliminary: Melissa Geary, Jordyn Hartsock, Brianna Mazack, and Igor Osadchyi
  • You Can’t Spell Religion Without “I”: The Self in Self-Focused Religion: Michael Kitchens, Bella Lang, Yonaira Seguinot, and Jordan Stum
  • To Belong or Not to Belong: Examining the Perceptions and Value of a Pennsylvania Sociological Society Membership Among Sociologists: Clay Bedi, Ally Bimmer, Katie Blauch, Roman Byler, Jessica Dawe, Natasha Ebersole, Ryan Enright, Shayal Gurung, Halle Harbeson, Nate Kennish, Sarah Kharalah, Grace Mayer, Megan Merritt, Nick Neagu, Trey Reynolds, Samya Santiague, Sophie Stranick, and Johna Wetzel